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Incident Report | Local News

Compiled from a report by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

November. 26

• Christopher A. Pool, 52, of DeWitt, was cited for driving on the wrong side of a two-way freeway after a noon collision at 312th Avenue near 262nd Street. According to an accident report, Poole was driving eastbound on 262nd Street in a Ford Explorer and while delivering mail, he parked in front of a mailbox at 3083 262nd Street on the westbound side of the road. Morgan A. Evans, 24, of DeWitt, was driving a vehicle westbound near 3083 262nd Street. The report states that Pool stopped in front of Evans’ car, which crashed into Pool’s Explorer. Evans was arraigned for driving an unregistered vehicle and failing to provide proof of insurance. No injuries were reported.

• No citation was issued after a vehicle collided with a deer on US 61 South at approximately 5:30 pm. Dorothy M. Heiderscheit, 77, of Dubuque was driving southbound in the 2200 block of US 61 near DeWitt when he struck the deer, according to an accident report.

November. 28

• No citations were issued following a two-vehicle accident near 335th Avenue on US 30 near DeWitt at approximately 2:45 p.m. Charles E. Sampson-Snyder, 69, of Davenport, was driving in the passing lane of US 30 while Gregory E. Zirbes, 65, of Davenport, drove the SUV in the driveway outside. Sampson-Snyder’s vehicle veered into the outside lane, struck Zirbes’ vehicle, skidded and eventually entered the southern ditch near US 30. Zirbes’ vehicle entered the South Ditch and stopped in a field. No injuries were reported.

December. 1

• A 15-year-old from Clinton was arraigned for failing to yield while entering the through highway after a two-vehicle collision at Iowa 136 and Emma Court in Goose Lake at approximately 3:45 p.m. According to an incident report, the teen was exiting the east exit of the C-Store parking lot and heading east. The vehicle driven by Anslem W. Boehmer, 26, of Goose Lake was exiting the westernmost parking lot of the C-Store and entering the 100 block of Iowa 136, heading east. As Bomer was about to take the east exit, the teen pulled out in front of him and crashed into Bomer’s front passenger corner, the report said. No injuries were reported.

December. 5

• No one has been injured in a two-vehicle crash involving chickens on Wheatland roads. Alta M. Dosland, 84, of Grand Mound was driving eastbound in the 300 block of East Jefferson Street around 5 p.m. when she swerved to avoid chickens on the road. Her car collided with a legally parked truck on the right. No citations were issued.

December. 8

• Shortly before 6 p.m., no citation was issued after a vehicle collided with a deer on US 67 south of 110th Street. Dane D. Johnson, 18, of Sabra was driving northbound on US 67 when he struck a deer, according to an incident report. No injuries were reported.

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