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Incident Report | Local News

Compiled from a report by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

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• David W. Rosales, 30, of Bettendorf, was involved in a two-vehicle accident at 7:56 a.m. on US 30 west of 330th Avenue. Rosales was driving a passenger vehicle eastbound on the 3200 block of US 30 when he returned to the outside lane and hit a slippery spot, according to an accident report. He lost control and the vehicle crashed into a guardrail. His car was soon rear-ended by a van driven by Bailey J. Appleby, 26, of Davenport, also heading east on U.S. 30. Neither driver was injured and was not summoned.

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• Susan E. Drury, 80, Lost Nation, arraigned for failing to maintain control after an 11 a.m. bicycle accident on Main Street south of Lost Nation Long Boulevard. According to an accident report, Drewry was driving a Ford Taurus and pulled it into a parking spot. She got confused while using the gas and brake pedals, accidentally stepped on the gas and crashed into the building, the report said. The building suffered $3,000 in damage. Drury was transported by ambulance to Jackson County Regional Health Center for possible injuries.

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• Judith M. Buntemeyer, 64, of Goose Lake, was involved in a vehicle accident at 120th Street and 345th Avenue shortly after 8:00 am. According to an accident report, Buntemeyer lost traction while attempting to drive at the turn at 120th Street and 345th Avenue, while he was driving a sport utility vehicle westbound on 120th Street. Before entering Xigou, the vehicle skidded and entered the road sign through the curve. Due to the terrain of the ditch, the vehicle rolled onto the driver’s side. The icy road was reportedly a factor in the accident.

• Jerimy L. Henson, 41, of Maquoketa, was arraigned for failing to maintain control and striking a roadway immobilization following a 10:35 a.m. collision between Richland Street and Iowa 136 in Del Mar. According to an accident report, Henson was driving a passenger vehicle southbound on 252nd Avenue and was trying to turn west onto Iowa 136. Henson was driving too fast in icy conditions, lost traction and spun through the intersection of Iowa 136 at 252nd Avenue, the report said. over barbed wire. Hansen was not injured.

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