NEWS Improved intersections could reduce accidents

Improved intersections could reduce accidents
by Prakash VL

In recent accident statistics, it was found that many accidents occurred at intersections.This Karnataka Road Safety Department Lists precautions to be taken by the relevant authorities to prevent accidents.

A senior official said, “When designing, ensure that the intersection layout is simple and clear for the convenience of motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The inspection team should scrutinize all approach road intersections to check that the traffic control is clear and simple. , visible and functioning properly. We need to check the visibility in each direction. There may be a possibility of visual deception (maybe some drivers/riders don’t see the intersection the way they should?) Therefore, it should be clearly understood that the intersection uses Traffic regulation. Traffic signals need to be prominent and easy to understand.”

Authorities’ documents say pedestrian signals are necessary to assist pedestrians. “Roundabouts are a safe way to control intersections. They must have sufficient deflection when entering and they must have the correct signature. For safety, roundabouts should be properly marked with regulatory signs and directional signs. In addition, the Road users give way when entering roundabouts. This is the current weakness of roundabouts in India; ultimately public awareness campaigns and police enforcement are needed to address this issue,” the document said.

Pedestrians and other vulnerable groups
Pedestrian fatalities increase in cities such as bangalore. Many pedestrians said that there is no place for them to walk, or the design of the sidewalk is not proper. authority The published document states, “The closer vulnerable road users are to the road, the slower traffic should be. Are there pavements or sealed shoulders? Is lighting required? High speeds are a major contributor to the frequency and severity of road collisions. Authorities should be mindful of road operations Whether the speed is within the level suitable for the design speed of the road.”

speed limit
It is necessary to determine the speed limit on the road to prevent reckless driving. The speed limit requires that there be enough speed limit signs along the route to remind drivers/passengers of the speed limit, officials said. “Consider the need to reduce operating speeds through self-enforcing measures such as traffic calming (e.g. rumble bars, raised intersections, road crowns) or through speed enforcement (e.g. police presence or speed cameras). Road safety reviews are a positive Proactive process designed to prevent the first crash on a new road. Silence is unacceptable if you think you need traffic calmers or speed cameras. These items—if they are needed—should be listed. Do not install speed reducers on any road. Speed ​​reducers are a hazard that should not be used,” the document states.

visibility at night

Many accidents occur due to poor visibility. Many street lights don’t work in cities, and on highways there are almost none. Even though the street lights were there, those lights didn’t work. therefore, road safety bureau Point out that roads are used both day and night and therefore should be checked both day and night. “Some places look very different at night because they may or may not have street lights. Older people often have poorer eyesight which makes reading road signs more difficult than younger people. It gets worse after dark so special attention should be paid at night Visibility and visibility for the elderly. Sometimes, visual cues along the road give the wrong message to drivers. A long row of trees or power lines can give the impression that the road is straight. However, if the road curves, some drivers will Misled by trees or power poles – regardless of the number of warning and guidance signs,” the authority document said.

road safety audit
Meanwhile, NHAI officials said on Friday that they have been conducting road safety audits and have assigned responsibilities to all stakeholders to facilitate the audit and implement recommendations.

according to a Information Bureau Published, “NHAI has been state Road During the planning, construction, operation and maintenance phases.
In the fiscal year 2021-22, NHAI conducted safety audits on 16,500 kilometers of national roads through safety auditors specializing in safe road engineering studies and completed safety audits of 19,300 kilometers in the fiscal year ending December 2022.

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