NEWS ‘I hope they save his leg’: Jeremy Renner needs amputation after fatal accident with snowplow Marvel fans worry

Jeremy Renner Requires Amputation of His Legs Following Deadly Snow Plow Accident News Has Marvel Fans Concerned

Marvel actor Jeremy Renner is yet to fully recover, and while there remains optimism and hope about the actor’s condition following the shocking snowplow accident, reports also suggest the injuries may be more serious than they appear. During this time, the Renner family has been more than happy to receive fans’ support and wishes, and to keep people updated on all developments regarding the actor’s progress.

Jeremy Renner himself has shown incredible resilience and has personally reassured fans with selfies and brief social media posts to dispel worrying thoughts. But given the nature of the accident, it was only a matter of time before reports of his injury began to snowball into detailed rumors of deterioration.

eagle eye actor jeremy renner [via Disney]

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A summary of Jeremy Renner’s recent snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner is recovering quickly from his horrific snowplow accident, but his injuries are still serious. The accident happened Jan. 1 when Renner was trying to help a family member after their car became stuck in the snow. The actor’s 14,000-pound PistenBully, or Sno-Cat, knocked him out despite numerous safety measures, and Renner was airlifted to the hospital after suffering severe blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

Jeremy Renner [Instagram]
Jeremy Renner [via Instagram]

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This eagle eye The actor’s massive fanbase welcomed well-wishers from around the globe, including his co-stars Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt and the Russo brothers. Reiner’s family issued multiple statements regularly updating the public about the improvement in his condition, and Reiner himself posted a note followed by a video statement thanking fans for their support.

But as the days wore on, with Renner still lying in a hospital bed, critically injured, rumors that he couldn’t walk gained traction, especially after a source close to the family revealed that the actor might not be able to function normally again. after walking.during an interview Radar Onlinethe insider revealed:

“Jeremy has had two precision surgeries. But there are serious doubts that he will be able to walk properly again – or at all. His loved ones are concerned that his injuries are severe enough to prevent him from moving as much as he used to – that is. , if he hadn’t completely lost his leg.”

The reports ignited a new flame, leaving fans uneasy about the condition of Renner’s legs and whether they would require amputation.

Fans worried about Jeremy Renner’s injury

Jeremy Renner updates fans on fast recovery
Jeremy Renner updates fans on his fast recovery

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The latest reaction from fans is largely based on unsubstantiated rumors that Jeremy Renner needs an amputation. As fans, loyal to the actor and deeply concerned for his well-being, watched developments closely, reports and videos surged backstage, adding to nerves. A recent video by YouTuber Tyrone Magnus got people commenting,

I hope they keep his leg, I hope it really doesn’t get too infected, if they do everything they can to save him too. “

Others also contributed to the ongoing conversation across all social media platforms.

Word kept shifting through communication channels, and until any new reports could be corroborated directly from the Rainer family, it would not be known whether he needed an amputation.

Source: Tyrone Magnus

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