NEWS How to watch the 2023 Pro Bowl games

How to watch the 2023 Pro Bowl games

LAS VEGAS — The National Football League (NFL) is hosting a revamped Pro Bowl week, known as the Pro Bowl. Gone are the traditional football games, replaced by a series of skill games and three flag football games on Thursday and Sunday at Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Every game will have key points that will decide the championship between the AFC and NFC.

Peyton Manning will coach the AFC and his brother Eli will coach the NFC. Roster selections are determined by a unanimous vote of fans, players and coaches. One-third of the votes from each group are used to determine the 88 players.

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How to watch?

Thursday’s Skills Show will air on ESPN and ESPN+ from 7-8:30 p.m. ET, while Sunday’s Skills Show and Capture the Flag will air on ABC, ESPN/ aired on ESPN+.

Thursday February 2

Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball: This will be a multi-round classic dodgeball tournament with four teams of five players each. The game will start with the offense and defense of the AFC and NFC and culminate in the AFC vs. NFC finale. The overall champion gets three points.

lightning wheel: This is a new event for 2023. Each conference will select 16 players to compete in three games and compete for another three points. The first activity is “Splash Catch,” in which teammates from each session throw water balloons at each other from increasing distances. The tournament then enters the “high stakes” phase where the advanced players are challenged to catch a ball from a JUGS machine. In the closing stages, the remaining players will enter “Spillover Thrills,” where players aim for buckets that hang over the opposing team’s coach. The first team to dump the bucket wins.

longest drive: The four players in each conference will compete for the longest tee distance on the golf tee. Each player takes 3 swings and the winner is determined by taking the longest shot within a predetermined range. The winner gets three points.

accurate pass: Each of the three quarterbacks in each conference will play a one-minute game to test their accuracy. The quarterback with the most hits gets three points in his conference.

best harvest: Two players from each conference showcased creativity by showcasing receptions filmed at iconic locations around Las Vegas. Online fan voting will determine the favorites for each conference, with the two finalists competing in the next round on Sunday.

Sunday, February 5

best harvest: The two finalists on Thursday will battle it out before a panel of celebrities to decide the overall winner.

Grill Gauntlets: The game format will feature six players from each conference competing in a four-part 40-yard challenge. Challenges include: tire runs and pushing block sleds across the finish line.

play football: Kickers, punters and flautists face off in a grand tic-tac-toe game that showcases their skills. The first team to complete the line in three squares will earn their conference three points.

moving chain: Two teams from each conference will compete in a wall pull competition that tests their strength and speed. Each team consists of five players and must pull a weight 10 yards over the wall. A best-of-three game is worth three points.

flag football match: Six points will be awarded to the winners of the first two flag races. Scores from the skills race and the first two flag races will be combined and used as the score for the start of the third and final flag race. The winner at the end of that game will be the winning conference.


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