NEWS How Rudisha Survived 2 Horrific Accidents In 3 Years

How Rudisha Survived 2 Horrific Accidents In 3 Years

Two-time Olympic champion and 800m world record holder David Rudisha has been praised for his achievements on and off the track.

However, the athlete narrowly escaped death by surviving two near-fatal accidents in the past three years.

The latest incident occurred when the world 800m record holder was traveling to Nairobi with his colleagues when their light plane crashed in the Imbirikana area of ​​Amboseli, including Kenyan Masters of Athletics chairman Stephen from the Kimana Game Reserve. Ole Marai.

Photo Collage of David Rudisha and the Crashed Plane


David Rudisha, one of Kenya’s most famous athletes, traveled as guest of honor on Saturday 10 December to the annual Marseille Olympiad at the Kimana Game Reserve Nairobi.

“It was a horrible episode and when you pray to God you hold your heart in your hands. The pilot did an incredible job keeping the plane afloat and stable for a long time,” Rudisha told nation.

The athlete recounted the incident, recounting how the engine suffered a mechanical failure shortly after takeoff. This prompted the pilot to fly the plane in the trees.

“About seven or eight minutes into the flight, the plane’s engines suddenly quieted down,” Rudisha explained.

Minutes later, the plane began to lose control after one of its wings hit a tree, forcing the pilot to ditch the plane on a rocky field.

“He saw some open space and he tried to land the plane, but as the plane started spinning, one of its wings hit a tree before it landed on the rocky ground,” Rudisha said.

On August 24, 2019, Rudisha had yet another brush with death when his SUV crashed into a bus in the Kegogi area along the Keroka-Sotik road.

The joint incident happened as he was driving to his hometown of Kilgoris in western Kenya after losing control with a punctured tire.

Keroka Police Chief Walter Abondo confirmed Rudisha was rushed to hospital with no injuries.

“He was rushed to Keroka Sub County Hospital where doctors determined the athlete didn’t have any broken bones and he was able to go home and rest,” Walter Apondo said.

Rudisha decided not to compete in the world championships as she was recovering from quadriceps and back injuries before the crash.

According to his manager, Rudisha will miss the tournament because he is not yet ready for the trials.

“He will not be able to return from injury in time for the World Championships trials in Kenya, which means he will also miss the World Championships in Doha a month later,” his manager said.

Photos of David Rudisha's crash

Photos of David Rudisha’s crash


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