NEWS Hooters influencer killed in Florida car crash

TikTok star Ali Spice was killed in a car accident near DeLand early Sunday, according to family and friends.

Ali Spice, a former Hooters girl who has nearly a million followers on TikTok, was killed by a reverse driver early Sunday morning near DeLand, friends and family said Tuesday. They were killed along with two other friends when their car was hit on State Highway 44.

Angela Gillis told Newsday Tuesday that her younger brother Kyle Moser, 25, of Daytona Beach, was also killed in the car with Spieth, 21, whose real name was Ali Dooling. Gillis said her brother Dooling and another friend, Ava Fellerman, were killed in the crash.

The driver of the vehicle, Devin Perkins, 21, Dooling’s boyfriend, was seriously injured, she said. Gillis said the friends were heading home after a night out in Orlando.

Zachary Wilkerson of DeLeon Springs and RJ Fleming of DeLand said Tuesday that Perkins is well known in the New Smyrna Beach area as an avid truck fan. Friends said they knew Perkins two years after they met him at the truck event.

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