NEWS Here’s Why Bala Bracelets Are My Favorite Non-Insulting Fitness Gift of 2022

Here's Why Bala Bracelets Are My Favorite Non-Insulting Fitness Gift of 2022

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Many people shy away from fitness Christmas gifts for fear they will offend the gift or send a subtle message about body image and weight loss.

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Guys, I’m here to share that if you’re looking to buy a woman something gym-related but worried about hurting her feelings, women won’t be put off by a stylish pair of Bala bracelets this holiday season . Gym equipment isn’t always the prettiest look, but unlike a spin bike, a pair of adjustable dumbbells or gym socks, Bala is a brand that perfectly blends fashion and fitness.

They’re one of my favorite brands of ankle weights and make stylish gym gifts, with a sleek silicone look and comfortable design that’s unlikely to offend them.

Here's Why Bala Bracelets Are My Favorite Fitness Gift of 2022

Here’s Why Bala Bracelets Are My Favorite Fitness Gift of 2022

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Bala bracelets come in 1lb and 2lb pairs and feature a Velcro closure for easy adjustment to ankle size. They fit around your wrist or ankle and close with extra-strong Velcro, which mostly stayed in place during testing.

Featuring a minimalist matte design, these bracelets are stylish and great for adding resistance to a variety of workouts. You can wear them while doing yoga, running, Pilates classes, barres, HIIT or even walking around the block. I personally wear them for almost all of these activities and have never regretted adding them to my workouts.

Bala Bangles, who appeared in Shark Tank, historically roped all five sharks to fight for a deal with their company. They’re available in a variety of colors on Bala’s website and Amazon, and fold up into a small carrying case for easy shipping. I’ve traveled a lot with them and they add almost no weight to my suitcase, making them great for working out on the road.

If you also need a gift for your wife, girlfriend or partner – I highly recommend Bala Bangles.

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