NEWS Herald: Parents to be held equally responsible for minors involved in accidents: Vasco PI

Herald: Parents to be held equally responsible for minors involved in accidents: Vasco PI
December 14, 2022 | 07:42am IST

Parents will be equally responsible for minors involved in accidents: Vasco PI

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VASCO: Parents will bear equal responsibility for minors involved in accidents, Vasco PI Kapil Nayak said on Tuesday, warning that they will take action under the revised Motor Vehicles Act.

PI Nayak expressed shock at the two fatal accidents in the Vasco police area in three weeks, in which two women were killed by a vehicle driven by a minor without a valid driver’s license, saying that the police will not take it lightly and will act according to the revised After the MV Act.

Pointing out that these were not accidents as the drivers knew they did not have a driving license and still drove their vehicles recklessly and negligently resulting in the death of innocent people, PI Nayak said that if any minor is found riding or driving a vehicle without a valid driving license , they will be registered under IPC Section 336 as endangering the safety of persons and their parents and vehicle owners, regardless of who is responsible.

In such incidents, the case will also be registered under Section 304 IPC (Incriminating Homicide Not Constituting Murder), he added.

PI Nayak said parents and car owners must be careful and vigilant as they will place the blame on minors involved in accidents.

He said sometimes children’s parents or car owners would let them ride two-wheelers even though they knew full well they didn’t have a license to drive a two-wheeler or drive a car.

Owner detained for allowing minor to ride his two-wheeler: Vasco police arrested Sanjay Naik, 23, of Velsao Pale on Tuesday for allowing minors to ride his two-wheeler in an accident that led to New Vaddem A woman died in Vasco.

On the other hand, the 16-year-old boy who was detained by the police has been sent to Apurnagar, Merses.

Naik was riding in the backseat when the accident occurred, according to police. Sanjay Naik has been charged under Section 304 of the IPC (guilty homicide not constituting murder).

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