NEWS Heavy fog causes accidents in North India: Dos and don’ts for driving a car or bike in low visibility to prevent accidents

Heavy fog causes accidents in North India: Dos and don'ts for driving a car or bike in low visibility to prevent accidents

New Delhi, December 20: Winter brings more trouble than joy in Derry and its neighbours, as thick fog nearly blinds those on the road. As the temperature dropped, dense fog was again appearing in northern India, especially in Delhi NCR (National Capital Region), which caused many road accidents due to extremely low visibility.

When driving in fog, you must maintain a high degree of vigilance and follow other guidelines to prevent traffic accidents. Here’s a guide to driving safely in fog. Heavy fog in Haryana: Dy CM Dushyant Chautala’s convoy car has an accident.

Precautions for driving cars and bicycles in fog:

1. Keep hazard lights/indicators on

When driving in low visibility conditions, whether it is a car or a bicycle, it is important to keep all indicator lights (hazard lights) or signal lights on at all times. Signal lights will ensure that other vehicles and pedestrians can spot your vehicle and avoid collisions.

2. Avoid speeding and overtaking

Speeding or overtaking in low visibility driving conditions is strictly prohibited. Common sense is that when you have to drive out of sight, you have to keep a very low safe speed.

3. Avoid changing lanes

It is also necessary, if not absolutely necessary, that you stay in your lane and not change lanes to avoid a collision.

4. Keep a safe distance

Driving in fog means taking extra safety measures. In foggy conditions, it is necessary to maintain a greater distance from the vehicle ahead.

5. Use the map and be vigilant

While Google Maps may not always be accurate, they are often useful, especially if you can’t see the road. Use navigation to guide you to your destination in heavy fog.

Stay alert—avoid music and distractions to keep yourself and others safe.

6. Keep your windshield, windows and all lights clean

Dirty and obscured windshields or lights further reduce visibility. Therefore, make sure to clean glass panels, lamps and signal lights thoroughly.

If you drive, keep the heat on to avoid clouding your windshield and windows. If you ride a two-wheeler, make sure the visor on your helmet is clean. Bus collides with container truck due to fog in Gautam Buddha Nagar; 1 dead, 10 injured (watch video).

7. Take turns blowing the horn

In the fog, every turn is a blind turn, so take extra care when turning. Reduce to a crawl speed and honk at least twice before turning to alert all other vehicles.

While the best way to avoid traffic accidents in dense fog is to avoid driving altogether, life doesn’t stop because of pesky fog. So being on high alert and staying vigilant is the only way to deal with it. Always follow the guidelines and ensure your safety when driving in low visibility conditions.

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