NEWS HC to cops: Book FIR in pothole-related accident | Bengaluru News

HC to cops: Book FIR in pothole-related accident | Bengaluru News
Bengaluru: The High Court on Thursday directed the police that citizens should not hesitate or refrain from registering if they complain about pothole accidents to them fir Cite a technical justification.
bench headed by the chief justice Prasana B Valarai Also allows immediate prosecution of the Home Office PIL It is hearing about potholes in Bangalore.
“We allow this in the context of certain news reports that even when citizens register FIRs with the police authorities because of serious injury or death due to poor road and pothole conditions, the police authorities, in most cases, Citizens are neither responded to nor registered with FIR. Hence, we instruct that police authorities shall not avoid registration of FIR by raising technical grounds if a citizen lodges a complaint with the relevant police station,” the bench said.
Submit salary information
The judge directed BBMP to file a response by the next hearing date, including any statements it may have received since February seeking compensation for accidents caused by potholes, the number of such statements and the any compensation, etc. On January 6, 2020, when the High Court directed citizens’ groups to pay compensation to victims of accidents caused by poor roads.
On behalf of the QC team
About the inspection of the pothole landfill project carried out in the city National Highways Board of India (NHAI), the bench directed the state government (Disabled person) to provide the necessary assistance in the form of the deployment of two QC (Quality Control) teams to the regional offices of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways by 23 December 2022.
The judge added that after such a team is provided to the relevant official, the official should proceed to prepare the report and submit it within six weeks from December 24, 2022.
NHAI submitted that it needed additional staff to comply with the Nov. 2, 2022 order to inspect contractors’ pothole filling works across the city and sought eight weeks, citing a letter it had sent to PWD , to appoint at least two QC teams to assist in the preparation of inspection reports.
The next hearing on the PIL filed in 2015 will be held on February 6, 2023. Vijayan Menon and other petitioners seek a series of directions, including directing the BBMP to submit an action report on repairing the deadly pothole.

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