NEWS Happy Fitness for All – Estes Park Trail-Gazette

Happy Fitness for All – Estes Park Trail-Gazette

“It was the night before Christmas, and the whole town,

No one moved, not even a sound.

Suddenly, I heard this strange thing,

What will happen this evening?

A small group of locals out for a run.

They call it a “fun run,” just for some fun.

But wait a minute, because it’s Christmas Eve.

They should be sleeping, dreaming, waiting for you to see.

So, on the way home, they stopped by the gym.

Fitness is important to you and him.

Some weights, a class, and maybe stretches.

Now go home and take a shower, we have to get some sleep.

So the stockings were carefully hung by the chimney.

Knowing that Saint Nick will be there soon.

Hanging next door with the laundry you see,

Are those socks for running, working out and hiking. Yeah yeah yeah!

I lay in bed in my pajamas,

The sounds of movement are all in my head.

I dream of hope, I love peace and joy,

Or for health, fun and toys?

When there’s such a loud voice coming from my window

So, I jumped to the window to see what was going on?

So what did I see in that winter scene,

But the eight baby reindeer are warming up.

With a leader in such a healthy and neat red suit,

It took me a while to recognize him.

wait a minute, this is not right,

He’s supposed to be fat, jolly and with a big red eye.

Oh I know what happened Mrs Claus got his report

Given by the doctor, it contains cholesterol and types.

“If you want to ensure that the ‘spirit’ lives on,

Then we have to be healthier, so we’ll stick together. “

So, from that moment on, she bought him a pair of shoes,

Together they strive for health and failure.

Every day they feel better and better.

their energy, their alertness and even the fate of their health.

You can’t be healthy for a whole year with just one workout,

It requires a daily reminder, which is the most dreaded challenge.

This is why so many people are lazy and fat

Because exercise is health, and health is what it is!

But it’s okay, Christmas Eve tonight

And now, he’s waiting for me here, you can’t tell.

So, with a quick jump and slide, he’s now done.

Oh how exciting, I wonder which one?

the gift he left me under the tree

More than I asked for, you see better.

Because gifts are not anything I choose,

He left me a new pair of sneakers.

I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight.

I wish you all a happy workout and have a great night!

Merry Christmas to you and your family. May your Christmas gifts this year include the gift of health. Health is your key to a better, brighter, better New Year, so make exercise a part of your day.

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