NEWS Hank Williams Jr. accident nearly disgraced him

Hank Williams Jr. accident nearly disgraced him

Hank Williams Jr., sometimes known as Bocephus, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He is the son of famed country musician Hank Williams. Williams began his career following in his legendary father’s footsteps, covering his father’s songs and emulating his father’s style.

His career in the music industry has been smooth sailing. However, his life turned upside down one day when he was on vacation with one of his friends, Dick Willey. Williams stumbled and jumped 500 feet while climbing Montana’s icy Ajax Peak.

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He was seriously injured after hitting his face on the ground. His eyeballs even escaped from his eyes. Fortunately, his friend called for help in time, and the helicopter rescued him in time. As a result, his injuries were treated as quickly as possible.

As time went on, some doctors claimed that he could never sing again because of the many injuries to his body, worse on his face, and it was impossible for anyone to believe that he would ever return to normal.

Still, Hank Williams Jr. was so dedicated to his craft that he planned multiple surgeries just to be able to cover up the traumatic scars from the incident. Years later, he’s still able to play in front of audiences, and he’s even made extra music for his fans to hear.

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While he now covers his trauma scars with sunglasses and a long beard, the scars of his past still influence his distinctive appearance today.

Hank Williams Jr.’s tragic accident just goes to show that if you’re really passionate about something, nothing can really derail you. If you believe in yourself, everything will be fine, even if you experience a fatal accident that may cost you face.

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