NEWS Granby restores power after accident knocks down multiple utility poles on Route 202

Granby restores power after accident knocks down multiple utility poles on Route 202

Granby, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – More than 1,000 people were left without power after a vehicle crashed on Route 202 in Granby Monday night, knocking multiple utility poles into the road.

The road was not reopened until Tuesday afternoon after repairs were completed.

A car crashed into a power pole in front of the Granby Public Safety Center on Monday, causing multiple poles to snap and fall onto Highway 202. Our West Volkswagen News crew arrived shortly after the accident and trapped the driver in their car.

“We believe a vehicle was traveling west on East State Street and struck a utility pole on the street, before leaving four people down,” Granby Police Chief Kevin O’Grady told CNN. “Everyone’s power was cut. Fire crews pulled her out of the car with minor injuries.”

More than 1,000 people were without power after the accident, and crews worked through the night Monday to restore power by Tuesday afternoon.

“The poles were replaced and the power was just restored,” Chief O’Grady said. “We just took it back to the station.”

A portion of Route 202 was closed for more than 12 hours, Commissioner O’Grady told Mass News West. He added that the location and circumstances of the accident made it difficult for emergency responders to deal with.

“We had to get out of the car and try to block the road,” he said. “We had to cut a new lane around the corner so we could get out.”

He also acknowledged the community-wide efforts.

“I want to thank the surrounding community for helping us,” Chief O’Grady said. “Obviously we were right in front of the public safety complex and it took us a little while to get the crew and cruiser out due to the damage in front of the station. Belchertown, South Hadley and the Ludlow and Westover Fires were all very helpful.”

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