NEWS Georgian baby Amahd Bubby recovers after candle explosion accident

Powder Springs child burned in candle explosion taken off sedation, on promising road to recovery, mom says

Nanny cam video showed the 17-month-old pouring Vicks VapoRub into a lit candle, which exploded in flames.

POD SPRINGS, Ga. — The family of a Pod Springs child who suffered burns all over his body in a bizarre accident is sharing the joyful news of his recovery.

According to the family, little Al Mahedd has now been taken out of sedation. He is not out of the woods yet, his mother said, adding that the next few days will be crucial to his recovery process.

The 17-month-old, affectionately known as Bubby, was admitted to hospital last month after slipping through the baby gate and into the kitchen. Nanny camera video shows the child pouring Vicks VapoRub into a lit candle, causing the flames to explode and burn more than 40 percent of Bubby’s body.

“He’s on fire here and I see a little ball of light and that’s it, you can’t even tell it’s a person, on camera it looks like a circle of light running down the corridor,” his mum Rochenda said. Golightly said before.

Amahd’s father rushed him to the hospital, where he was airlifted to Augusta’s pediatric burn unit. Although his recovery has progressed slightly, the family expects him to be hospitalized for the next three months.

Golightly said Bubby’s absence hung over her home. Her fun and energetic children love to sit in their high chairs and watch the Christmas lights, she said. They hung his socks on the cloak – his mother said it wouldn’t come off anytime soon.

“We’re going to save all of that until he comes home,” she said.

The family launched a fundraiser to help them through their journey with him while keeping their small business open. Those who would like to send a card to Bubby can send it to the Pediatric Burn Unit with the information below.

Pediatric Burn Unit: Amahd Black
3651 Wheeler Road
Augusta, Georgia 30909.

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