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Hidden Game Data- Tekken 3 Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Metal Gear Solid 3 The Pro Wrestling 2

Developing video games can be difficult. There are a lot of development engines that require tweaking a lot of code, crafting and arranging assets, and then putting the whole thing together without errors. Then it all has to be done within the stipulated deadline. The bigger the game, the more it has to be done in one quarter or the other.

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Some companies run into a pinch, which burns everyone out, doesn’t necessarily result in a solid product, and isn’t worth the pain either way. Others cut corners here and there. Why reinvent the wheel when the old wheel will do just fine?It just means that when someone digs into the game’s files, they find some fun surprise.

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8/8 Sonic 3 has leftovers from Sonic 2

Sonic 3The development process is almost as fun as the game itself.First, it was split in half to coincide with a McDonald’s campaign, leaving Sonic and the Knuckles exist Sonic 3 vice versa. Then there’s the drama about Michael Jackson’s involvement with the soundtrack.

After all, it stays Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Being in the game feels mundane by comparison.If people fiddled with the code, they would start with sonic 2! It’s also functional, with a job-level selection code.So, here’s one way to avoid fiddling with Sonic 3Own code is ridiculously compact.

7/8 Jun Kazama almost turned it into Tekken 3

Hidden Game Data - Jun in Tekken 3

tekken 3 A departure from its predecessor. It has better animations, evasive moves, and a whole new cast of characters.even newly introduced characters Tekken 2 like bruce irwin and baek doosan Replaced by fresh faces Bryan Fury and Hwoarang respectively. Anyway, at least a few games. However, the developers seem unsure whether to delete new protagonist Jin’s mother, Jun Kazama.

She was a new face from the previous game, and suffered a fateful fate at the hands of the Ogre. Additionally, her stats are included in the arcade game.She has a character slot with a portrait and a reusable voice clip Tekken 2. However, selecting her will only give the player the Nina model and Jin’s actions. Jin’s deadly father Kazuya is also mentioned, but only his name is written.

6/8 Shin Akuma hides in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Hidden Game Data - Shin Akuma in SF3 Third Strike

Street Fighter 3: Second Strike Brings Akuma back into the game as a secret Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, if the player does a particularly good job, they will fight him as a special boss. If he’s not hard enough, beating him will just turn him into a more powerful (and cheaper) New Homo.

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Only his regular version appears in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike default. However, if players tweak the code a bit, they can actually play as Akuma’s “true” self.he’s exactly like his secondary impact opponent, except that he is prone to freezing in mid-air during certain moves. But it’s entirely possible to beat the game with him and get his ending… provided the player doesn’t mind fighting Jill twice in a row.

5/8 WWF Smackdown 1 and 2 have tutorial videos from Evil Zone

Hidden Game Data - Evil Zone Tutorial in WWF Smackdown

PlayStation’s wrestling game pales in comparison to N64 titles World Wildlife Fund Wrestlemania 2000 with WWF shows no mercy. However, thanks to Yuke, the console gets a good swan song on the first two WWF Crackdown game. They are more basic than N64 games, but easier to pick up and play.

They’re definitely more playable than Yuke’s ambitious but boring 3D fighter evil zone. Still, it has a nice tutorial video that can come in handy as dummy data for filling PlayStation discs. Yuke must think so, since it appears in both smack down game, and two Japan-limited simple 1500 A wrestling game for the budget market. One of them has its own secrets.

4/8 Pro Wrestling 2 Has WWF Smackdown 2 Unused Secret Character Portraits

Hide Game Data - The Pro Wrestling 2 Inferno Match

if any simple series of wrestling games worth tracking, it has to be Pro Wrestling 2. In addition to mainly playing kill 2it has many options wwe Games are either not used for years, like Inferno Matches, or used forever, like Concrete Rings and Live Barbed Wire Rings.It also reuses the smack down Games, such as HUDs.

But even more interesting is what lies beneath the surface. For example, it has unused character selection likenesses of WWE legends Andre the Giant, Bob Backlund, Jerry “The King” Lawler, and Sergeant Slaughter.they never even made it to the final version kill 2 (Not without Gameshark or Action Replay anyway), but Pro Wrestling 2 There is evidence that they are close to inclusion.

3/8 Metal Gear Solid 3 May Have Doomzone 3 Content at a Glance

Hidden Game Data - Guy Savage in MGS3

This mini game is not entered metal gear HD collectionBut if the player is kept in a cell in vanilla MGS3 with livelihood game, things can get weird. Instead of returning to Snake in prison, they find themselves in a dreary gray world fighting monsters as sword-wielding dueling characters in police gear. They’ll chop them off for a while, go overboard occasionally, and finally switch to Snake waking up.

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According to series creator Hideo Kojima, this is a work-in-progress level for a canceled game. The end credits refer to it as “Guy Savage,” but until Tokyo Game Show 2011, that was all new information about it. Enders HD collection areaThey revealed that Guy Savage and A project called “Anubis”this was supposed to be part of Zoe series. Maybe even a potential third entry, or more likely a spinoff of it.

2/8 CastleVania: Ruin portrait reuses previously unused Richter Belmont action

Hidden Game Stats - Castlevania POR Richter Boss Fight

as Castlevania’s 3D efforts struggled, and their 2D creations continue to wow gamers on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS. The second DS game, portrait of ruinsfollow the blood The protagonist John Morris’ son Jonathan and Vanya Castle 3Charlotte, a descendant of Sypha Belnades, enters Dracula’s a sequel sad dawnwhich has many carryovers from that game, such as its Ax Armor and Soma’s Bat-Morph.

There’s even graphics from PC Engine CD games Blood Rondo, like Camilla Boss’s version.Even more surprising, it fetches unused data from Symphony of the Night and end up using it.Richter’s Spin Kick, Sweep and Super Jump Shot portrait of ruins All of these originally came from their PlayStation predecessors. They are either attacks for his boss fights, or for the player to use in his campaign.

1/8 Judgment Light Yagami in Yakuza 2

Hidden Game Data - Beta Yagami Upgrade in Yakuza Kiwami 2

PS4 Remake Yakuza 2 From Yakuza 6, as the series’ perennial protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, gives players a lot more to do. Since both games were made in the Dragon Engine, it’s no surprise that it has some hangovers from earlier games.While weirder, it has more data on what to expect judgeJapanese HUD icons from the Detective-based spin-off can be found in the game, from style switch icons to drone controls.

On top of that, there is a prototype model of Takayuki Yagami, whose appearance was made before Takuya Kimura was involved in the game. He has almost all the moves from the final game, as well as some early skill unlock portraits.some of which are similar to his in loss of judgment as well as. Either it was the forward thinking of Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, or it was just a coincidence.

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