NEWS Food trends for 2023, and where to find them in Asheville restaurants

Robot Rosi returns to the kitchen after delivering food to Kevin and Maria Fenton at the Haus of Pizza in Palm Desert, California, January 10, 2022.Still struggling to find workers despite higher wages, Haus of Pizza takes innovative step by leasing service robots

ASHEVILLE – It’s 2022 for Korean hot dogs and ghost kitchens.

Mortadella, diverse food halls and donuts designed by artificial intelligence are what diners are looking for right now, according to international food and restaurant consultancy Baum+Whiteman.

Baum+Whiteman has released its annual food trends report, predicting that diners and the service industry may see more in 2023.

In 2022, Baum+Whiteman predicts more ghost kitchens will open in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, while Korean-style hot dogs with crispy skin, cornmeal coating, deep frying and unique toppings will find their way onto more American menus.

This year, industry experts have seen shifts in the way people eat and how corporate restaurants operate, bringing back the age-old Japanese technique of dry aging and furthering automation to replace human labor.

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