NEWS Florida driver blames crash on Mount Kisco Tesla store

Florida driver blames crash on Mount Kisco Tesla store

A Florida woman is blaming a Tesla store in Kisco Hills for serious injuries, saying she was seriously injured in a car crash when her car computer froze.

Robyn Nicole Wilson-Wolfe is suing the Tesla store for negligence and for unspecified damages.

Wilson-Wolf of Plant City, Fla., claims she was injured on March 12 when the Tesla’s computer froze and the car crashed into a barrier and a concrete wall.

The complaint alleges that the computer was “installed, serviced, and repaired” by the Tesla store at 115 Kisco Avenue, Mount Kisco, but that the equipment was “inherently defective, unsafe, inadequate, and unsuitable for installation.” its purpose” “

Tesla, based in Austin, Texas, did not respond to an email requesting a response to the allegations.

The complaint doesn’t specifically name the device, but the wording appears to be similar to news reports about faulty Tesla touchscreen cockpit displays.

For example, a California man claimed last April that while he was driving at 83 mph on the highway, his Tesla computer screen froze, disabling the gas pedal and various buttons and switches. With the brakes still in effect, he took the car off the road.

Tesla recalled 130,000 vehicles in May because their touchscreen displays could overheat and fail.

The Wilson-Wolfe lawsuit is vague about other aspects of the alleged malfunction. For example, it won’t identify the model, year or car, or when Tesla serviced it. It did not say where the accident happened or whether investigators checked the computers.

Wilson-Wolf said she suffered severe physical and mental injuries, including to her neck, shoulders and back, and was “significantly incapacitated” and required continued medical care.

Her attorney, Cornelius Redmond of Manhattan, filed the complaint in Westchester Supreme Court on October 27. Tesla, represented by Manhattan attorney Peter J. Fazio, transferred the case to the U.S. District Court in White Plains on November 28.

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