NEWS Fitness guru shamed for exposing workout outfit


A social media influencer devoted to fitness and wellness advice has found herself the target of dress restrictions at the gym she frequents.

The merits of the dress code have become a bitter debate in recent years — a debate that has spilled over into other areas of life as some students have bravely protested the school’s sexist dress code.

While men in the gym can often wear what they want, women get the most scrutiny when it comes to their attire.

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The fitness influencer has been told she has received “complaints” about her workout clothes.

TikTok user Kylee had just had a normal day at the gym until she was interrupted by a member of staff.

The clip opens with Kylee popping along to the song in the car. She captioned it “I go to the gym in a crop top and leggings.”

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The second part of the clip jumps to a new headline that reads “Workers tell me I have to change.”

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