NEWS Fatal crash of wrong-way driver may be linked to Rosendahl shooting

Fatal crash of wrong-way driver may be linked to Rosendahl shooting

The wrong-way driver and his two passengers who caused a fatal collision on the A16 motorway near Prinsenbeek on Sunday night may be linked to a shooting in Roosendaal earlier in the evening, police say. The collision killed three people and injured three others.

A 33-year-old man from Tilburg was driving in the wrong direction and hit the driver of an Opel Opel on the A16 motorway near Prinsenbeek at around 11:15 pm. A 54-year-old man from Rotterdam died in the crash. His two passengers, a 14-year-old girl from Antwerp and her 51-year-old mother were injured. They have been taken to hospital for treatment. Their dog also did not survive the crash.

In another car, the 33-year-old driver and a 17-year-old boy from Harreveld died when they swerved into oncoming traffic. A third passenger, a 19-year-old man from Drunen, was seriously injured and taken to hospital. Police found a firearm in the car.

Police believe three people in the wrong-way car were involved in the shooting on the Burgerhoutsestraat in Roosendaal at around 11pm. A 19-year-old local was injured in the shooting. He was hospitalized.

Police found no suspects at the scene of the shooting, but did have a description of the car that may have been involved. A patrol car spotted the car on the A58 motorway between Roosendaal and Breda and pursued it. But they soon lost sight of the car, which sped away without its lights on. Another police force encountered the car on the A58 motorway to Breda, but also lost track.

“Shortly afterwards, the suspicious vehicle was driving in the wrong direction on the A16 motorway with fatal consequences,” police said. According to police, the police car stopped the pursuit when the car began to drive into oncoming traffic on the motorway.

Police have registered the 19-year-old man from Drunen as a suspect and will question him as soon as medically possible.

Police are investigating the shooting and fatal accident. Rijksrecherche is also under investigation due to the police pursuit that preceded the accident. The unit handles internal investigations by the police and other government departments.

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