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Banned on expressway, slow-moving vehicles cause road accidents

Sanjay Yadav

Gurgaon, 10 December

Even 15 years after the Delhi-Gurgaon highway was commissioned, the Gurgaon police have failed to stop two-wheelers, auto rickshaws and other slow-moving vehicles from using it. Prohibited vehicles have been driving here, causing accidents.

According to NHAI regulations, the above vehicles are not allowed to drive on expressways that are used only for high-speed traffic. About 400,000 vehicles drive here every day. Not only two-wheelers, but also bicycles, tractors, and bullock carts can be seen everywhere. During a special drive last month, Gurugram traffic police issued 200 challans to violators.

According to traffic police statistics, as of October this year, there have been 812 traffic accidents across the country, with 327 deaths, including 127 cyclists, accounting for 38%. In addition, 300 two-wheeler riders, including cyclists, were injured.

Offender fine

Chalances were issued to violators. Action against prohibited vehicles will continue. —Virender Singh Sangwan, DCP Traffic

While statistics are not available only for the Delhi-Gurgaon highway, police officials said about 30 percent of the deaths involved two-wheeler riders. Only the service lane parallel to the highway from the Sirhaul border to the Kherki Daula toll plaza is reserved for slow-moving traffic, officials said.

NHAI also installed signs at several locations to raise awareness, but to no avail. An NHAI official said the issue has been raised repeatedly by municipalities in Gurgaon. “NHAI has no role in it,” the senior official said.

Virender Singh Sangwan, DCP, Department of Transport, said crackdown on prohibited vehicles on the Delhi-Jaipur highway will continue. “Challans are issued to violators. The main lane of the expressway is reserved for high-speed vehicles only. For the maintenance lane, we have written to the relevant departments. From time to time we take special action against prohibited vehicles,” he added.

black spot

Police identify six accident blackspots

— Shankar Chowk, IFFCO Chowk, Signature Tower Chowk, Rajiv Chowk, Hero Honda Chowk and Kherki Daula toll plazas.

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