NEWS Driver education, awareness and motivation key to reducing road accidents – experts

Education, awareness, and incentivisation of drivers key to reduce road accidents – Experts

Experts say promoting safe driving, encouraging good road behaviour, education, awareness, building an ecosystem that supports road safety, and offering discounts and incentives to drivers for fully obeying traffic rules are key to reducing road accidents in the country.

“In India, the large Most road accidents are due to human error such as speeding, fatigue, stress and poor driving technique, most of which can be easily controlled through technology, educational awareness and motivating or rewarding drivers for good driving behavior. This award has more advantages than punishing them more positive impact.”

“Incentivizing drivers by assessing their behavior through a set of performance metrics could make the new ‘Earn-How-You-Drive’ scheme popular globally and help improve overall road safety,” Srivastava said.

“Approximately 80% of the country’s road traffic is on two-wheelers, mainly motor vehicles and pedestrians, yet none of the roads are designed for them by stakeholders including the country’s road construction agency. Road users, no enforcement rules are in effect. Enforcement agencies are only visible or effective during peak hours from 9am to 6pm. Enforcement should be 24X7 if not manually enforced by electronic traffic control devices,” International Road Federation India Chapter Advisor PK Sikday said during the webinar.

“National road safety stakeholders, especially road-building agencies, need to build zero-fatality corridors because roads must be safe. We need technology to build safer roads, to assist drivers and vehicle systems to prevent accidents, and Advanced road traffic management systems to enhance law enforcement,” said Professor Manorranjan Parida, Director, Central Road Research Institute (CRRI).

“Digital technology is rapidly entering the field of road safety, and with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), it can help check drivers for fatigue and drowsiness and send them real alerts, thereby helping to avoid a large number of accidents. In addition, these digital technologies can also help to track driver behavior, such as speeding, sudden braking, fuel economy, driving over time, etc. This helps to reward drivers.” The truck driver.

Others present at the event included TRAX Road Safety NGO Secretary-General Rajni Gandhi, Prabhav Foundation Founder Vandana Lakhanpal and road safety expert Somenath Ghosh.

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