NEWS Despite so-so reviews, ‘High On Life’ is a ‘breakout hit’ on Xbox Game Pass and PC

Despite so-so reviews, 'High On Life' is a 'breakout hit' on Xbox Game Pass and PC

look like life comes first, The latest game from rick and morty Creator Justin Roiland’s studio, Squanch Games, did well despite receiving fairly average review scores. Aaron Greenberg, vice president of game marketing for Xbox, even called game “Breakthrough success”.

greenberg pointing Insights from Benji-Sales, pay close attention to the game industry data. by sunday morning, high life is one of the four most popular games on Xbox, second only to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, fortnite with Grand Theft Auto V ahead of major free-to-play titles such as Apex Legends, Roblox with Overwatch 2.

“I cannot overstate what an impressive performance this is,” Benji-Sales wrote. “Huge engagement.” Reporter Add to This appears to be “the biggest ‘Day 1 Game Pass Launch’ of 2022…” Meanwhile, as Benji-Sales noticed on friday, high life It also performed well on the Xbox Cloud Gaming and PC Game Pass leaderboards.

not only high life A hit on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, it’s had success on Steam. SteamDB said it was the platform’s top-selling game for the week ending December 18.It trails only Steam Deck on the charts (based on revenue), ahead of players like Modern Warfare II, FIFA 23 with Marsand last week’s No. 2, Dwarf Fortress.

most people think, high life good performance. Under normal circumstances, the Metacritic score of 61 on Xbox Series X and 67 on PC suggests the game isn’t going to be a smash hit.but there are several reasons high life Seems to go against convention.

First and foremost, this one has a built-in audience. Fans of Roiland’s brand of humor may be tempted by a game that features a talking gun spouting a barrage of jokes and one-liners.

It’s also the last major Xbox console exclusive this year (yes, despite what some may claim, Xbox does have exclusives) and it’s on Game Pass.people who don’t even look rick and morty One might want to check out the latest notable games to use the service, especially really silly ones they can relax with before the holidays.

I’ll try to find some time to check it out high life This week before finalizing my list of the best games of 2022.i have never seen rick and mortybut it seems high life Best for someone who digs the show’s sense of humor. Anyway, it’s on Game Pass, so I might as well check it out.

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