NEWS Debina Bonnerjee Takes ‘Fitness First Steps’ After Pregnancy

debina bonnerjee

Getting back in shape after pregnancy and childbirth can be a tedious and challenging journey indeed. Often times, women end up neglecting their own health and fitness as they devote all their time and energy to caring for their newborn.Debina Bonnerjee, who gave birth to her second daughter in November, shares regularly after pregnancy Travel with her followers. Meanwhile, the actress and vlogger posted about her “first steps towards post-pregnancy fitness.”

“A lot of people tell me I’ve lost a lot of weight. A lot of pregnancy weightt has disappeared. A little healing weight…you know the uterus is getting smaller, but the healing is still there. But this automatic weight loss is not what I call it,” she said in a video shared on her YouTube channel. Debbina Decoding.

Refer to the pre-pregnancy photo she flashed in the video, in which Debbina Looking rather skinny, she continued, “I want to get back to my old self. If I can do that, if I start my fitness journey, then I’m going to get somewhere. I don’t know if I will achieve this goal.”

The 39-year-old stresses the importance of having the right mindset to stay healthy. “and Positive attitude And with the right intentions, you can certainly do it. So, the first is the mentality. I know that as a mom, it can be hard to make time for myself. Most of the time, I don’t feel like going downstairs for a walk. But then I thought, if I lost myself, if I didn’t care about my health, then the kids would suffer. A healthy mother can raise healthy children. “

when she was about to approach her daily exercise On this day, Debina measured her weight and the scale showed 73.3 kg. “I will now lift my weight in front of all of you so nothing will be hidden. I will check my weight It’s today. Days from now, or months from now, I don’t know what the journey will be. However, it will appear in front of you. Let’s see where I got on this journey. Not a little bit will disappear easily. a lot of! I have always been 56kg and now I am 73kg, a gain of 17kg. “

Then she revealed she was 45 days old caesarean section She is now allowed to exercise. “Don’t start exercising right away. Start with something you enjoy. And, always listen to your body. If your body is signaling something, keep listening,” she says.

In the video, Debbina shows off her workout routine, which includes practicing several yoga pose The second is to walk quickly.

Diet is an important part of a fitness program. She emphasized this point, “Like I always say, you are what you eat. The pregnancy-related cravings are over, so there’s no more reason to indulge. There are a lot of myths about a lot of food, people claim, increase breast milk production Namely tapioca flour. People also recommend eating gond laddoo. It’s edible, but you should cut out the sugar. Eat what is healthy. Now, we all know what a healthy diet is. I am not asking all of you to start dieting or follow any fad diet like intermittent fasting. eat healthy. Eat clean food. All to support you on your fitness journey. “

When it comes to post-pregnancy tips for mothers, Anika Parashar, a certified fertility educator, doula and lactation consultant, says a woman’s body changes a lot after childbirth. “Allow yourself to heal through proper nutrition – wholesome, light balanced diet is the way to go. Eat small, frequent meals (as you would during pregnancy), as you may often eat while your baby is sleeping or between visitors or when you are resting by yourself. Many women are desperate to lose weight and get back to “normal,” but it takes 10 months to have a baby and 10 months to have a baby. The rush of the process will inevitably take its toll on certain parts of your body. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time,” she said.

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