NEWS Colorado Springs police were on alert for incidents Tuesday night

Colorado Springs police were on alert for incidents Tuesday night

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – Police declared an “incident alert” as snow continued to fall in Colorado Springs Tuesday night.

Status was sent around 5pm

In the Accident Alert state, drivers are required to exchange information rather than call the police if they are involved in a crash and are not injured, suspected drug/alcohol abuse or damage to public property. The driver then has 72 hours to report the accident.

Springs police said the rules still apply if a tow truck must be called to the scene.

To report a car accident in Colorado Springs, click here.

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Full information from Colorado Springs Police:

“Due to road conditions, the Colorado Springs Police Department was placed on accident alert at 17:00 on January 17, 2023. Drivers are reminded that if they are involved in a traffic accident, there are no deaths or injuries requiring medical attention, no drivers involved are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or Driving under the influence of drugs, all drivers are present, have license, registration and insurance information, no damage to public property such as street signs or utility poles. Any vehicle damage requiring a wrecker can still be counter-reported if the previous criteria are met. Drivers can pick up a traffic accident report form at any police precinct or go online website, go to the CSPD home page and select “Report a Minor Incident” for instructions. Drivers should also remember to take appropriate measures in adverse weather and road conditions to avoid being involved in traffic accidents. Drivers should check road conditions and travel conditions before departure and allow more time to reach their destination. The driver needs to drive at a safe speed according to the situation, and keep a larger safe following distance from the vehicle in front. Drivers should use less hazardous streets and roads during winter driving conditions. Drivers also need to clear snow and ice that blocks their view and equip their vehicles with adequate snow tires. “

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