NEWS Children cover manholes to prevent accidents

Watch video: Children place rocks around manhole to prevent accidents, earn praises

Throughout history, we have witnessed several great figures who dedicated their lives to the progress of mankind. These people have nothing but a desire to make a positive change in their hearts. This desire to make a difference appears to have nothing to do with age, after watching a video shared on Twitter by IAS official Awanish Sharan. In this video, two kids cover a manhole by placing large rocks around it. At the beginning of the clip, two young children can be seen walking down the road with schoolbags on their backs. When they see a manhole, they pick up rocks to cover it.

Check out this video here:

When the kids covered it, two cars could be seen passing near the manhole. As can be seen in the video, the cars could face accidents if the little ones don’t cover the manholes.

The video has garnered a lot of attention on social media and a ton of likes in the comment section. Many viewers found the segment inspiring.

One user wrote that some people, especially children, do not forget their responsibilities and worry about others more than themselves.

This isn’t the only inspiring video posted by Awanish Sharan. He had earlier shared a video on Twitter in which a taxi driver talked about how he drove a cab part-time to help his father. In the post’s caption, Ciaran wrote that it made him emotional.

Check out this inspiring video here:

In the video, he stated that he has obtained a diploma in Marketing and International Business from IP University. He also said he had been working for an e-commerce company for the past seven years. He revealed that he drove a taxi after get off work or study to help his father financially.

The part-time taxi driver has also achieved success in the field of sports. According to him, no matter what position he holds in the future, he will always help his father in this way.

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