NEWS Charlotte gym employee caught on camera voyeuristically in shower

Charlotte gym employee caught on camera voyeuristically in shower

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – A Planet Fitness patron took video on his phone after he caught someone peeking through the shower curtain during his first two gym visits.

“I see this eye watching me,” the customer said.

He never believed he’d see something that looked like an employee was watching, not once, but twice. The second time, the employee just stood there, staring.

“My heart is dropping, oh my god, I’m literally being watched,” the customer said.

The former gym regular, who wished to remain anonymous, said he picked up his things and left.

“I got a B line at the gate and haven’t come back,” says the fitness buff.

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All he did was complain online. He was concerned, how long had this been happening and how many people had it affected?

“Did this go on for two weeks or did it go on for three weeks? How long did it go on,” Patron said.

But Planet Fitness appears to be dragging its feet. After the initial complaint, he got a call from the store manager, but in the days, weeks and months of follow-up, he was never told if the employee had been fired or faced other repercussions.

“Is violated the right word?” asked WBTV’s Lileana Pearson.

“Yes, violation is the word,” the customer said.

WBTV reached out to Planet Fitness. They said in a statement that they were aware of the incident and that the employee had been fired.

But patrons tell me it’s not enough. He’d like to see Planet Fitness take steps to make bathrooms and showers safer to prevent people from taking advantage of you when you’re most vulnerable.

“Did he take a video of me in the shower? Did he take a picture of me? Could he possibly have a picture of me now?” The host was worried.

Customers are now working with attorneys to seek damages from Planet Fitness and push them to adopt better practices when it comes to customer safety.

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