NEWS Chanhassen family who lost son in accident struggle to let his light shine

Chanhassen family who lost son in accident struggle to let his light shine

At a home in Chanhassen, the McNulty family is busy with their new venture, A Kindness Company, out of nonprofit Michael’s Light, which makes uniquely scented candles.

“We hope it makes a small difference in someone’s life,” said Michael’s mother, Nicole McNulty.

Back in June 2021, McNulty’s 15-year-old son Michael was tragically killed in a motorboat accident on Lake Minnetonka.

“He’s a totally imperfect kid, but he’s very smart in a lot of ways,” McNulty said.

In the months since their son’s death, Michael’s father EJ said they have been trying to figure out how to keep his lights burning.

“You know he touched so many people, and we immediately thought, ‘How do we keep this going?’,” EJ said. “A lot of people have come to us saying that Michael became a ‘light’ immediately after his death.”

Michael’s unique ability to connect with friends, family and even strangers through kindness has helped drive McNulty’s new project, the couple said.

“Candles seem to be a way to reflect light,” says Nicole.

Over the past few weeks, Candle Company has been set up at home.

Provided by A Kindness Co.

It targets a younger generation, using the names of the candles, and even the various scents of the candles, driven in part by what means something to Michael.

The couple even packaged each order with a special note explaining more about Michael and how recipients can keep his light on by continuing to spread the kindness.

EJ said: “We want you to feel fulfilled or accept that joy or kindness and give it back, it doesn’t mean you have to buy another candle from us, it just means doing something nice and kind. “

Michael’s Light is a charitable foundation that supports individual nonprofit organizations in need of kindness or dedicated to providing kindness to others, with a portion of all proceeds going to help those in need, according to the family.

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