NEWS California reports three separate road accidents as wet conditions make roads slippery and dangerous

Angeles National Forest on September 28, 2020 near Santa Clarita, California

Three traffic accidents have occurred in California due to wet and dangerously slippery roads, according to recent reports.

The heavy rain made the roads slippery and difficult to travel. Road conditions are also expected to be affected as it starts to rain.

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Angeles National Forest near Santa Clarita, California, September 28, 2020

On December 6, 2022, three separate road accidents were reported in Santa Clarita, California, according to AccuWeather News.

A video of the dramatic crash was captured on Friday morning. According to those who recorded the scene, Thomas Dorado explained that he couldn’t believe what he saw after seeing the horrific crash. Those who witnessed the video were also shocked by the footage showing the accident.

According to reports, rescuers were dispatched immediately to help deal with the injured passengers in the accident. The road clearing caused about 40 gallons of fuel to be spilled, the news added.

Meanwhile, authorities will investigate the recorded incidence of road accidents.

Heavy rain and snow are expected to affect road safety as weather conditions are colder than usual.

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west coast storm

In the previous report, NNational Weather Service Said a storm affected parts of the West Coast, causing freezing rain and snow.

The advisory said snow accumulations could reach three to four inches. Meanwhile, rainfall could reach 0.1 inches.

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The West Coast storm, which lasted until Monday morning, made travel dangerous as snow and high winds reduced visibility.

How to stay safe on the road

Weather conditions on the West Coast and California experience a bout of rain and potential snowfall, forecasts say could lead to hazardous travel, poor road visibility and slow commutes.

The heavy rain could also cause flooding and damage major roads in the United States. That’s why it’s important to stay safe on the road, especially when you and your family are getting ready for travel activities.

Check the weather.

The weather forecast advises motorists to always check for current weather developments or conditions. Travel hazards and storm and hurricane watches have also been announced.

Knowing the current forecast can help you prepare for an approaching storm. You can reschedule or avoid areas of severe weather, especially if the road is near mountains or areas prone to landslides.

check your vehicle

It’s important to double-check your vehicle for potential damage and be prepared for road trips or commutes, as storms can cause flooding on major roads.

Part of the check is the car’s cameras and making sure your phone is fully charged.

Stay home if you need to.

If the storm becomes severe enough to affect road commuting, it may be best to cancel your trip until the nearest day without severe weather conditions.

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