NEWS Brighton and Hove News » Accident blackspot junction to be closed to cars

Brighton and Hove News » Accident blackspot junction to be closed to cars

Intersections on roads in the city center may be closed to motor vehicles after being identified as “high risk locations”.

There have been six incidents at the corner of Blackman and Trafalgar Streets in North Lane in the past three years – mostly when cars exiting Blackman Street hit cyclists and pedestrians.

Brighton and Hove Council believes this is due to poor visibility at the junction and is proposing to close the junction to motor vehicles.

It is now seeking feedback from businesses and residents on the plan before it can unveil a formal traffic control order next month.

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It also proposes extending the one-way section of Trafalgar Street from Sydney Street west to Whitecross Street east.

This will allow it to build the pavement at the junction of Whitecross Street, where no-entry signs prevent cars from turning left onto Trafalgar Street.

Any motor vehicle wishing to enter Sydney Street when Sydney Street is open will need to pass through Pelham Street or York Square/St George’s Square

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A council spokesman said: “The junction of Trafalgar Street and Blackman Street has been identified as a high risk location and is therefore a priority for security efforts.

“We wrote to local businesses, residents and stakeholders last month to let them know about our plans.

“In terms of a formal consultation about the changes, this is beyond our legal duty.

“We would like to provide an opportunity for initial comments which we will consider before taking the proposal further.

“We hope to issue a formal traffic control order in January.

“This will provide interested parties with a formal opportunity to have their views considered.”

Funding for the closure of Blackman Street Junction will come from the council’s budget for improving road safety in accident black spots.

The transformation of Trafalgar Street will be paid for by funds that developers paid for road improvements during the planning process.

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