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JAGTIAL: BJP state chairman Bandi Sanjay, visiting the scene of a bus accident that killed 65 people on Tuesday, said no safety measures have been taken on the Kondagattu river except for retaining walls.

“Four years after the accident, the injured are still waiting for proper help from the government. Some of the injured are permanently disabled and some are still bedridden,” the BJP MP said. Sanjay said the state government failed to realign the roads to prevent accidents.

National People’s Party Chairman Bandi Sanjay
Feeding the monkeys at Kondagattu
Ghats on his Praja Sangrama
tuesday pilgrimage

“This CM lacks empathy and is heartless. Isn’t he the one who promised jobs, 2BHK houses, pensions and other financial assistance to the families of bus accident victims? Has he forgotten all his promises?” Karim Na Congressman Gale asked.

He went on to announce that if he did help the victims of the bus accident, the BJP would organize a “Palabhishekam” (milk bath) of the chief minister’s portrait. “If the BJP comes to power, we will ensure that all possible help is provided to the victims and their families,” Sanjay promised.

Responding to MLC K Kavitha’s comments on BJP’s suppression of media, he claimed that shortly after taking power, TRS imposed a blackout on some news channels. “At the Prime Minister’s press conference, no one gets a chance to ask questions. It is the TRS that kills the freedom of the press,” Sanjay claimed.

pickpocket strike
On Tuesday, pickpockets carried out field operations in the Dongalamarri area of ​​the Kodimyal mandal, stealing around Rs 2 lakh from the pockets of local BJP leaders who had gathered there to welcome the state party’s president.

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