NEWS Ayesha and Fia recall tragic accident

Ayesha and Fia recall tragic accident

Actor Feroze Khan may not have liked actor-activist Shaniera Akram’s comments about his reckless driving, but her criticism opened up a conversation about the importance of wearing a seat belt and responsible driving.

Ayesha Omar and Fia Khan also shared their two cents on the matter. Agreeing with Shaniera’s comments, the duo recalled their past road accidents and praised her for consistently rallying for road safety.

Ayesha took to her Instagram story on Saturday and thanked Shaniera for speaking out on the matter. “Seven years ago today, I was in a horrible car accident, broke four bones in my upper body, and was sitting in the back seat (not even the front). If I had worn my seatbelt, I wouldn’t have been hurt,” she said. wrote.

She further added that after her harrowing experience, she could not even imagine sitting in a car without a seat belt and always encouraged those around her to wear it too. “I cannot stress enough how important a seat belt is. It saves lives, for yourself and your children, and for everyone in the car,” Ayesha said.

Fia later shared that she and her daughter were involved in a car accident in Lahore on Women’s Day nine years ago. As her family is accustomed to wearing seat belts, they escaped the accident safely without any major injuries.

“Having said that, the car flipped over several times and we fell across the road. If we hadn’t worn our belts, trust me! We would have left the windshield, maybe walked off the bridge,” the FIA ​​wrote. She also sent love to Ayesha and Shaniera, thanking them for their voices.

Fia and Ayesha’s story came a day after Feroze defended himself with a video of Khabib Nurmagomedov, a popular Russian MMA fighter wrestling a brown bear.Speaking of the boxer, Feroze said: “No. 1 boxer in the world! Glad he didn’t listen to you [Shaniera] Or your dad is training to waste his talent otherwise. “

Feroze also pointed out that he knew much more about cars and safety rules than Shaniera, and dismissed her concerns. The Khaani star also issued an appeal to his followers to stop trusting anyone on the internet.He said, “Don’t just listen to Tom, Dick, and Neila [Shaniera]. You all know what I mean. Focus is focus. “

On Friday, Shaniera posted a screenshot of himself driving with a child, reiterating how deadly the behavior can be for a child. “I’m sick of the stupidity of some people!” slammed Shaniera. “Why don’t they understand through their stupid minds that it’s dangerous?! You’re putting your own child’s life at risk,” she added.

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