NEWS Australia: Supermarket cleaner Malerato Harrison dies in workplace accident

Australia: Supermarket cleaner Malerato Harrison dies in workplace accident

Malerato Harrison, a 39-year-old contract cleaner who worked for the major supermarket chain Woolworths, tragically died in a workplace accident in Newcastle, New South Wales (NSW) on November 25. The equipment was cleaned and the death was not considered suspicious.

Mallellato Harrison [Photo: Malerato Harrison]

Harrison, a migrant worker from South Africa, had been working for a third-party cleaning service contracted to Woolworths Jesmond for 10 months. She leaves behind a husband, two stepchildren, and a long line of loving family and friends.

“Her smile was contagious. She was the kind of person who would do anything for anybody,” colleague and friend Jessika Abra told 9 News.

The picture was published in newcastle herald Shows a commercial floor polisher being towed and escorted by police from a loading dock, the area where large trucks and semi-trailers deliver produce. According to the manufacturer, the polishers can weigh up to 275kg and police suspect the device may have malfunctioned and fell on her.

While the details of the incident remain unclear, the cardiac arrest following a crush injury is consistent with the medical condition of crush syndrome, a long-term tissue-damaged condition. When released from this state, there is a massive release of potassium and myoglobin in the body, which can trigger cardiac arrhythmias.

Woolworths staff told world socialism website Reporters They have not been given any information about the incident but have been warned to avoid discussing it with reporters.A worker familiar with the cleaning schedule said Harrison could have been trapped under the floor polisher as early as 5:30 a.m., before the early shift started at 6 a.m., given how it was being used and where it happened.

A fellow cleaner reacted to news on social media raising the inherent risks of cleaners working alone, a common practice for companies seeking to reduce labor costs to maximize profits.She said: “I lost a shopping center cleaner I worked with for over 10 years to a job accident which absolutely should not have happened. [have] happened. “

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