NEWS Austin Accident Lawyer Podcast Talks Car and Truck Accidents and Insurance Claims

Icy roads lead to increase in accidents

“Austin Accident Lawyer” Andrew Traub shares how his firm helps their clients break through under-policy caps and how his firm breaks through artificially low insurance caps that prevent injured clients from getting what they need to recover. Compensation gives insight.

AUSTIN, Texas – (Newsfile Corp. – December 11, 2022) – Andrew Traub, the lead attorney behind Austin Accident Lawyer, was recently a featured guest on The Attorney Post, a personal injury lawyer podcast. In the podcast, Traub discusses some of the biggest hurdles we face when dealing with truck and auto accident cases in Texas, particularly those where the amount of insurance that is able to pay artificially lowers the amount that an individual needs to pay more for: The cap on the severity of injuries and damages caused by car or truck accidents, and how his company has let some of their clients get big payouts when insurance seems unfairly low. Compensation is designed to help cover everything from lost wages to ongoing physical therapy.

Consultations can be made by contacting the personal injury law office of Andrew Traub (aka “Austin Accident Lawyers”) by calling the Austin Accident Lawyers Hotline at (512) 246-9191, on their Google Business Profile, or by visiting their website below.

The Texas Department of Transportation recently shared that there will be approximately 1.56 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles driven in 2021, an increase of 4.17% from the previous year. The total number of traffic fatalities in 2021 increased by 15.22% to 4,489 from 3,896 in 2020. Unfortunately, there will be no “Undead” day in Texas in 2021, with an average of 1 death every hour and 57 minutes throughout the year.

TXDOT also shared that compared to 2020, there will be a 15.24% increase in pedestrian fatalities in 2021, with 824, 521, and 90 motorcyclist and “scooter” fatalities, respectively. That included 1,077 deaths of drivers under the influence of alcohol, nearly a quarter of the total. Fortunately, no children under the age of 10 died in 2021, and a total of 40 minors under the age of 17 died. Another 433 people were killed in crashes involving distracted driving. This is 17.34% less than in 2020.

Death is of course the worst outcome of an accident, but many people are also injured. These were among 15,764 serious injury accidents, of which 19,448 accident victims were recorded as seriously injured. In Texas, one person will be injured every 2 minutes and 12 seconds in 2021, or one reportable crash every 57 seconds.

Injury in a traffic accident can leave an individual with substantial medical bills and bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, property damage, and the individual may be unable to work for a period of time – sometimes indefinitely. In these cases, the primary source of financial compensation is the insurance purchased by the motorist involved in the accident, but the cap on that insurance often appears unfair and the insurer is often remiss in paying that cap. When dealing with insurance companies, it is important to hire a It may be helpful to have a competent attorney who can act as a liaison with the insurance company when seeking a settlement and who can represent the injured party in court if issues need to be resolved. Some cases are harder to prosecute, including cases where the driver is uninsured, or hit-and-runs (which can account for nearly one in five accidents).

Andrew Traub LLP, also known as Austin Accident Lawyers – is a personal injury law firm specializing in Texas motor vehicle injury law and commercial truck accidents. The company provides numerous resources on its website for Texans injured in motor vehicle collisions. A spokesperson for the law firm shared that one of the most popular reports, the Texas Accident Report, provides in-depth information beyond the typical “seek medical attention from a medical professional when injured” boilerplate car accident advice that many cars and Truck Accident Injury Lawyers website gives. Like most experienced auto and truck accident attorneys, the Austin Accident Law Firm counsels accident victims to discuss their motor vehicle accident claims, how to handle insurance claims, and more. Like most personal injury attorneys, Austin Accident Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis with no upfront fees and no fees unless a judgment or settlement is issued.

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