NEWS Ashton Torgerson Accident Update — 16-year-old racing star thrown from car in crash at 2023 Chili Bowl Nationals

Ashton Torgerson Accident Update — 16-year-old racing star thrown from car in crash at 2023 Chili Bowl Nationals

Junior racer Ashton Torgerson was ejected in an accident at the Chili Bowl Nationals.

Ashton, 16, was hospitalized Wednesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The dramatic incident occurred when he and another driver were battling for a corner on lap 11 of his first small race.

Torgersen was seventh at the time of the accident.

Ashton’s car hit a wall before flipping multiple times and the rally driver was rushed to hospital by paramedics, SI reported.

chili bowl nationals official tweets Torgerson was “communicating” with officials before being hospitalized.

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  • How doctors are coping with Ashton’s recovery

    Doctors were surprised to find Ashton’s injuries were no worse after being ejected from the car.

    Many fans expressed shock on Twitter that his neck was not broken and that he escaped with little injury.

    His family is just thankful that the doctor is so skilled.

  • People react to the Chili Bowl debacle

    In one of the crashes heard and seen around the world, 16-year-old Ashton was thrown from his kart during a race on Wednesday.

    As of now, there are reports that he has functional hands and toes.

    Doctors are keeping an eye out for a minor bleeding in his brain, but overall they’re surprised he’s uninjured.

    People weren’t shy about expressing their feelings on Twitter, sending him all their support.

  • Warning: Tips on How to Stay Safe Racing After a Chili Bowl Crash

    Racers were in shock after Ashton’s crash on Wednesday.

    Thankfully, the aftermath of the crash did not change Ashton’s life.

    But, it could have been.

    With that said, here are some safety precautions for those competing or playing high-risk sports:

    • Check that your safety gear is correct and where it should be
    • be aware of your surroundings
    • Invest in the right racing safety gear
    • Prioritize car maintenance
  • Chilli Bowl winner checks on Ashton’s recovery

    Wednesday night’s tournament winner, Rico Abreu, visited Torgerson in the hospital.

    The family are grateful for all the support and are amazed at the doctors working with their son.

    Torgerson was discharged from the emergency room on Thursday afternoon and taken to his room at the hospital.

  • Ashton’s dad makes statement after son’s serious car crash

    Ashton’s father, Danny Torgerson, said in a statement on Thursday morning:

    “The whole racing community has been fantastic. That means a lot. I think the bottom line is, the Chili Bowl responders and officials, if they’re not as good as they were, it could really be a life-or-death situation.”

    This came after his 16-year-old was ejected from his go-kart.

  • Ashton asks his dad’s first question after crash

    After the return, the neck test and the wait for the CT scan, the first thing the crash survivor asked his father was where he was.

  • Details of driver’s meeting after crash

    With 20 laps to go in the evening, there was a driver meeting at the second corner.

    During the conference, the Christ Racer speaker asked everyone — fans, crew and racers of faith — to pray.

    After this, the crew works with their drivers on the track to prepare for the rest of the race.

    When play resumed, the infamous Chili Bowl Flip Count tracker from the first round was turned off.

  • How the FloRacing broadcast crew responded to Torgerson’s race crash

    Torgerson’s kart barrel rolled multiple times and the Ongoers looked terrified.

    The FloRacing broadcast crew moved its cameras away from the scene.

    FloRacing Radio is a motorsports-focused network that brings you live events, documentaries and technical videos featuring some of the biggest names in the sport.

    From there, the race immediately went to red flags.

    A red flag means that the race is stopped immediately, regardless of the car’s position on the track.

  • crash details

    The veteran racer was strong in the opening heat race.

    He earned enough points to be in the front row when the feature film started.

    From second, Torgerson dropped down the ranks and is battling Kevin Thomas Jr. for seventh.

    That’s when Torgerson side-swept the wall causing his car to flip over.

  • Torgerson’s racing history

    The teen, who was thrown from a car after a devastating crash, made his debut at the Chili Bowl.

    This is also his first time participating in a small game.

    However, Torgersen is no stranger to racing.

    With ten years of experience, he has won many competitions.

  • Ashton Torgerson was conscious when he was taken to hospital

    The 16-year-old racer was conscious and spoke to rescuers before being taken to a local hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    It was at the hospital that he was examined and treated.

  • Fans say Ashton’s accident was ‘the scariest scene ever’

    Witnesses at the Chili Bowl described the scene of Ashton’s accident as gruesome.

    Chris Werner tweeted: “This is the scariest scene I’ve seen at the Chili Bowl in a while.

    “Ashton Torgerson is praying for you.”

  • Monster Truck Transport from 14 Years Old

    At 14, Ashton followed in his older brother Austin’s footsteps and debuted a full-size monster truck.

    The boys now love karts, and they race them with small, light engines.

  • Everything to Know About Ashton Torgerson

    Sixteen-year-old racer Ashton Torgerson from Medford, Oregon.

    The teenager has ten years of driving experience and has excelled in numerous events.

    At age 4, he started racing go-karts and later on dirt tracks.

    At age 11, he started out in cage trolleys before progressing to the 600 meter dash and small monster trucks.

  • notable winner of the chili bowl

    Sammy Swindle won the 1989 Chili Bowl, followed by victories in 1992, 1996, 1998 and 2009 for a total of four trophies.

    From 2010 to 2013, Sammy’s son Kevin won four consecutive Chili Bowl titles.

    Four other riders won two Chili Bowls.

    Those riders were Tony Stewart in 2002 and 2007, Corey Kruseman in 2000 and 2004, Dan Boorse in 1999 and 2003, Rico Abreu in 2016 and 2016, and Dan Boorse in 1999 and 2003.

  • Chili Bowl Winners Receive Gold Diamond Trophies

    A replica of the Gold Diamond Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Chili Bowl.

    In the more than 30-year history of the Chili Bowl, only one competitor has reached the top of the course.

  • where the chili bowl got its name

    For those interested in the Chili Bowl’s etymology, the first game was supported by Tulsa businessman Bobby Berryhill, who runs the Original Chili Bowl catering service.

    The River God Expo Center at Chili Bowl Raceway is also unique.

    The Expo Center is seven football fields long and one of the largest clear-span buildings in the world.

    Just outside the location is the 76-foot, 43,500-pound Golden Driller monument, which wears a shoe size 393DDD.

  • slow popularity

    Although the Chili Bowl started in 1987, it took a while for its popularity to grow.

    According to General Tire, the tournament’s founders, Emmett Hahn and Lanny Edwards, lost money in their first Chili Bowl match.

    After Hahn and Edwards stuck with their vision for the Chili Bowl, the event currently generates about $24.4 million a year for the Tulsa economy.

    That earnings forecast is especially important because January, when the game kicks off, is typically a slow month for business in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • how the first game went

    According to NASCAR, in the first race held in 1987, 52 small cars participated in the two-day race.

    More than 341 cars entered the 2020 race, which now includes five days of qualifying for Saturday night’s Class A main event.

    Each qualifying night race sees one in five drivers vying for a spot in A-main.

    Each qualifying night has a heat race, a sprint race and a 25-lap race.

    Drivers who do not perform well in the warm-up session on qualifying night are behind and must perform well in a number of events to qualify for the A-main.

  • Origins of the Chili Bowl Nationals

    The first Chili Bowl was organized by Larry Edwards and Emmett Hahn.

    The company is named after the local business that sponsored its first event.

  • Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa

    The Tulsa Expo Center, Golden Driller’s headquarters, is the venue for the event.

    Under one roof, it could house a trade show, 15,000 spectators in the stands and hundreds of racing cars, according to the Hamilton audience.

    The event was held on the clay that previously covered the nearby souk.

    Outdoor weather conditions or exposure to wind and sun have no effect on the quarter-mile indoor track.

  • Chili Bowl National Explained

    The Chili Bowl Midget Nationals is an indoor motocross event held in January at the Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA on a 1/4 mile dirt oval.

    According to NASCAR, the Chili Bowl Nationals host the “biggest mini race of the year.”

    “The Super Bowl of Karts” is a commonly used name.

  • “It’s a miracle he’s still alive”

    Fans have been taking to Twitter since learning of Ashton Torgerson’s accident.

    One fan wrote: “I just saw Ashton Torgerson crash, easily the scariest wreckage I’ve ever seen. It’s a miracle he’s still alive.”

  • The accident happened on lap 11

    Ashton’s accident happened on lap 11 of the heats.

    According to Flo Racing, during the meeting to decide what to do next, the drivers and authorities decided to continue the race.

  • “awake and alert”

    Petersen Media, who manages public relations for Torgerson Racing, shares the latest news about Torgerson.

    “Ashton is conscious and alert at the hospital. He has feeling in his hands and feet and has passed tests so far,” the company said in a tweet.

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