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Ashley McBryde

Ashley McBryde has opened up about the accident in which her bandmates were kept out of the road.

On Monday (December 12), McBride revealed on Instagram that her touring bandmate Wes Dorethy was recently injured in a serious accident. A Go FundMe page set up by Dorethy’s friend Derek Huber says he was in an ATV accident that resulted in multiple surgeries. The accident left Dorothy, a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from McBride’s home state of Arkansas, with damaged organs and a fractured pelvis.

The page also states that Dorethy has no health insurance and has been denied Medicaid. In addition to the mounting medical bills, he also needs to make regular rent and van payments.

“Our bandmate Wes had a near-fatal accident a few weeks ago,” McBryde began the post. “We are very happy that he is on the road to recovery. It seems to be a long delay.”

McBride also opened up about the realities of life on the road. “Our lives as musicians often mean we don’t have health insurance,” she continued. “If you’re in the mood to donate, or are looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life, I’m donating to help my road brother with his medical needs. The link is posted in my bio and the link to the story. Wish us All loved ones on the road are healthy and safe. Country Music takes care of its people. Thank you all.”

“He travels the world, subsists, charges too little for his services, and gives generously to everyone he meets,” Huber says of Dorethy on his Go FundMe page. “Please join me in raising your voice, your prayers, and if you can, your generosity, so we can express our undying love to a member of our community who has made a huge contribution to local arts and music, our Thank you and our help. If you’ve met Wes, then you know they couldn’t be better.”

Huber also said he is working with local Arkansas bands on a benefit concert series to help support Dorethy’s recovery. As of this writing, over $23,000 has been raised towards the $50,000 goal.

Photo: Daniel Meigs/EB Media

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