NEWS Army to add new troop health assessment next year

Army to add new troop health assessment next year

Enhanced Strength:
Defense officials say the military is following U.S. military standards to improve conditions for infantry missions and enhance the physical fitness of its troops

  • Su Baichuan and Jonathan Chin / Staff Writers and CNA Special Correspondents

The Army yesterday introduced changes to military fitness standards across the armed forces that will take effect next year.

The physical fitness assessment included planks, slow push-ups, dumbbell lifts, sit-ups, sit-ups and a 10-kilometer march, Army officials said at a news conference at Defense Headquarters.

They said the tests would complement current fitness trials – which include sit-ups, push-ups and a 3km run – and would come into effect on December 1 next year.

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The new test was created by the Army Infantry Training Command in consultation with the National Sports Training Center to modernize the military’s physical training, said Major General Liu Shenmo, director of the Army’s Infantry Training Department’s Deputy Minister’s Office. Training of the General Staff.

Fitness assessments are based on U.S. Army standards, he added.

Tank loaders require arm strength to load shells into their vehicles, while infantry tasks such as shooting and changing positions require cardiovascular fitness and core conditioning, he said.

Wu Bohan, director of the Sports Science Department at the National Sports Center, said the military’s physical fitness reform also introduced injury-reducing sports combined with advances in folk sports science.

The U.S. Army has adopted planks instead of sit-ups, while the U.S. Navy has incorporated aerobic testing options such as running, rowing and swimming, he said, adding that Taiwan’s military would follow the example of the U.S. in using these activities for fitness programs.

Col. Xiao Jiaming, under the Army Infantry Training Command, said that over the past two years, the army has certified more than 3,400 active servicemen as physical training, exercise science, swimming and martial arts instructors to improve soldiers’ training. Sports Science Center.

Separately, Defense Ministry spokesman Sun Lifang said the ministry’s plan to extend conscription was not yet ready for public release, citing officials need to adjust policies to meet national defense and legal requirements.

Additional reporting by Aaron Tu

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