NEWS Alaya F’s Fitness Commitment Inspires Coaches


alaya Very particular about her workouts, of which yoga is a big part. The 25-year-old is constantly sharing glimpses of her challenging yoga sessions and setting massive fitness goals on social media. At the same time, she also made sure to keep it real by sharing clips of her struggles throughout the process.

Now, her yoga educator, Puja Thea Amin, shares in her Instagram story how she was inspired freddy actor.

“I am always inspired by your spirit and sparkling positivity. While I am destined to be a guide here, I am continually humbled to learn so much from you and just watch you on this journey called life. keep shining my alaya papaya! “Writing the Dharma Assembly.

Alaya F’s trainer Puja Thea Amin talks about Alaya (Source: Puja Thea Amin/Instagram Stories)

The two are often seen exercising together.

Here are some unmissable glimpses.

Recently, Araya thanked Puja on Instagram, writing: “Can’t stop, won’t stop. Thank you for always promote I. “

In another essay, she wrote: “I know, I know… even though I’m tired of posting yoga videos, I just can’t help myself. “

Previously, Alaya also shared her experience of receiving blessings from the Fa Conference.

“Always growing and learning with @pujiwoo 😄 Every time I feel unmotivated in class, the best way to keep me focused is to make me try something I’ve never done before! I love competing with myself , to see how far I can push my body because it always amazes me and grateful!

In another post, she was seen cleaning Split.

“Watching till the end because I’m so proud of my breakup! 😀Feeling strong today,” she wrote.

She also likes the flow programs that help keep her body flexible. Check out this video for proof.

real feeling inspire? Wait till you finish reading this!

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