A 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition has been put up for auction at a salvage yard after the owner somehow managed to roll it on a farm.

In most cases, vehicles that end up being auctioned off by wholesale salvage companies like IAAI and Copart are listed for sale, but there are few details about what happened to them. That’s not the case here, as the R1T’s owner has taken to the “Rivian Automotive Fans” page on Facebook to describe what happened.

The owner said he was driving the electric pickup in a field on his parents’ farm when it flipped upside down. He said it was so sudden he wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt but the airbags kept him safe. He warned everyone on his Facebook page that “these trucks are going to roll more easily than you think.”

    After farm accident, Rivian R1T owner warns EV 'rollover is easier than you think'
Image credit: Rivian Automotive Fans/Facebook

Rivian was informed of the accident, and he reportedly sent two engineers to the scene to investigate how the electric car rolled over at a relatively slow pace. We suspect long grass and soft ground may be a factor.

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Images taken after the crash show extensive damage to the electric pickup’s sides, roof and hood. The windshield was also smashed.

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It’s hard to know if there was any major damage to the R1T’s powertrain, but at least two wheels appear to be placed at slightly odd angles, suggesting some suspension damage may have been done as well.

The IAAI listing indicates that the EV has an actual cash value of $96,503 and is available for purchase through its Charlotte, North Carolina branch.

Photo Rivian Automotive Fans/Facebook & IAAI