NEWS Accidents, floods, mudslides, etc. caused by stormy weather

Accidents, floods, mudslides, etc. caused by stormy weather
During the height of the storm, rainwater from the local wash zone flows at the rate of a torrential downpour.
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A large storm system has wreaked havoc in the southern region.

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The latest California storm has brought heavy rainfall, flooding and tragedy, with at least 17 deaths reported across the state.

In Southern California, the latest storm hit hardest Monday through Tuesday, bringing mud onto many roads and closing the Golden State (5) Freeway near Lankershim Boulevard. Traffic was slowed due to reports of road flooding late Monday afternoon.

“exist [Tuesday]5 north flooded and we had to close for a few hours,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Jonathan Boyd.

As of Wednesday, mudslides occurred along the Angeles Crest Highway, which opened at mile marker 64, Boyd said.

As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, La Cañada Flintridge’s two-day total was 5.38 inches. During the same period, Pasadena received 5.41 inches of rain and Eagle Rock Reservoir received 5.9 inches, one of the largest totals in Ventura County, said NOAA’s David Sweet. 18.31 inches recorded on Nordhoff Ridge Road.

He added that there was a lot of rain, and while it didn’t undo the nearly 20-year drought that California has experienced, it did help replenish most of the water storage to 75 percent of normal levels.

“The reservoir near Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County went from 30 percent to 80 percent full,” Sweet said.

Caltrans is bracing for the downpour, keeping workers on the job 24 hours a day — in two 12-hour shifts — based on the expected rainfall.

“These crew are [ready] in case of emergency,” Caltrans spokesman Eric Menjivar said.

Crews responded to the storm, which brought extensive flooding to Los Angeles County, including numerous collisions on roadways.

“We’ve had multiple landslides between the Angeles Crest Highway and the Angeles Forest Highway,” he said.

Because there are only two lanes in most parts of the ANF highway, a single rock fall can block the entire road.

“The rain never stopped [created] One question,” he said. “Lankershim, Northbound 5 [freeway] Flooded several times on Monday and Tuesday and we closed all driveways. “

Caltrans then had to close several southbound lanes in the same area due to heavy rainfall. Caltrans activated water pumps to control the flood, but they couldn’t work fast enough.

The rain has stopped, but Caltrans is preparing for the next storm, although they are expected to be weaker systems.

As always, drivers need to take safety precautions. First, don’t be on the road at all if you don’t have to; however, the main thing for drivers to remember is to slow down if they can’t be avoided.

“Many times people will [think] Because the speed limit is 65 [miles per hour] They can continue to drive at 65 in bad weather,” Boyd said. “But the speed limit is not a safety limit.public not allowed [realize] It only takes less than an inch of water to lose traction and seaplane. “

Boyd said CHP has responded to numerous spin-off incidents of vehicles hitting medians or guardrails.

“And it never fails: In bad weather, we get connected to rollover calls,” he said. “Drivers’ habits do not appear to have changed.”

Boyd urged drivers to slow down, especially in inclement weather, and to be aware that skids can occur with just a little rain. Also, even if the rain stops, that doesn’t mean the roads are dry; they’re still slick in places.

“We’re advising motorists to try to get their tasks done before it rains. [the storm] If you have to drive to work in the rain or [appointments] Plan ahead and give yourself extra time,” Menjivar said. “Slow down to protect our crews who are responding to flooding and other types of situations on our roads. “

It is also important that the headlights must be on when the windshield wipers are on.The law set forth in California Vehicle Code 24400 was January 2008“Headlights” means “headlights,” not just “running lights” on new cars—and there’s a good reason that, with your headlights on, your taillights are on too, which raises the people’s visibility.

For the latest information on road closures, follow Caltrans District 7 on Twitter @caltransdist7 or visit the Caltrans Quick Map at Caltrans QuickMap can be downloaded from the app store.

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