NEWS Abuja avoids train crash, residents seek intervention

Abuja-Kaduna train

A train accident was avoided on the tracks at Chikakore Kubwa on Sunday, punch reports.

A Sienna carrying a family of five broke down on the tracks, but well-wishers at the scene helped the family get the car off the tracks and let the train pass.

punch It was reported last week that Selimota Idowu, chief accountant for Channel 5 in Abuja, Nigeria’s television authority, died after a train hit her car.

Chikakore Community Zone-E Chairman Ismail Yusuf said in a message to our correspondent in Abuja that the community almost witnessed another train accident this morning (Sunday).

According to him, a car broke down on the tracks as the train approached, adding that, luckily, the train was able to stop before reaching where the vehicle was.

The message read: “We almost had another mishap on the train tracks this morning as another car broke down on the tracks as the train approached. Luckily the train was able to stop.

“However, the train management personnel are trying to block our entrance road on the grounds of violating regulatory procedures. I am not currently in the community, so I urge everyone around me to gather on the scene now, but we need the help of the media to help us, and Not for them not to cut us off. Choice. Please help us moms.

Our reporters visited the scene on Sunday, however, by the time they got there, the crowd had dispersed and the train had moved.

Eyewitness Simon Abu told our reporter that when the train approached the railway track near the entrance of the community, the vehicle broke down, but luckily the train was able to stop.

“As the train was approaching, the man rushed across the tracks before the train passed, as if the front tire had failed and the car broke down.

“But luckily the train stopped, but the vehicles stopped on the tracks, and people even rushed out from a nearby church and pushed the cars out so the train could go through. So, they allowed us to pass before the train passed Drive the car away. More than 100 people helped to charge the car and before you knew it, all the soldiers and security personnel in the car got down on their knees to understand what happened,” he said.

At the same time, Moshood Lawal, the community secretary at the scene, told this reporter that after the Nigerian Railway Corporation and security personnel arrived at the scene of the incident, they said they had received instructions to impound the vehicle because the vehicle had obstructed the train’s operation.

He also said the company said they would dig a hole across the road to restrict traffic along the route, which he said would be unacceptable to the community as it would restrict the movement of a large number of residents within the community, adding that Not a solution to recurring problems.

He further said that if the NRC is unwilling to provide safety measures on the route, the community has decided to erect roadblocks to avoid further loss of life, adding that it was the NRC that dug a hole between the train tracks to make it difficult for vehicles to pass easily.

He added, “So, we had discussions with them and found out that there was actually a plan to build a bridge there before, but it wasn’t done.”

“However, if the NRC is unwilling to do so, the community has decided to erect roadblocks to avoid further loss of life, as this is the same railroad that was dug between the tracks, making the holes there so deep that any vehicle passing there must Slow down or get stuck. They say they do it to make the train go faster. We hope the NRC will put up road blocks too and send their crews there.

“Whether we like it or not, people are going to want to cross the road and the train will come and meet them, so the community is taking some steps to avoid any further disruption and we hope the NRC will do the same and post their work there personnel or build barricades.

“But the part that the community is not happy with is that instead of seeing it as a problem and looking for a solution, they’re talking about digging a hole in the road so cars can’t get through, and that’s going to block a big intersection,” some residents said. got out of their way,” he added.

When contacted, Muhammad Yusuf, Director General of Rail Transport Services at the Federal Ministry of Transport, said there was an underpass about 200 meters from the location of the illegal level crossing where the unfortunate accident occurred last week, adding that it was a Suitable place for vehicles to pass from one side of the railway to the other.

He also said the NRC has in the past campaigned against people around such illegal border crossings, advising them to use designated underpasses at border crossings to avoid accidents.

“The situation is similar to what we have on regional roads, where some people would rather cross a dangerous road than use a safe pedestrian bridge,” he said.

He also revealed that the train did not stop to avoid hitting the damaged vehicle, but stopped by itself to check the train for malfunctions.

“Regarding your statement of ‘nearly another train accident today,’ the inquiries I’ve had from the NRC indicate that the locomotive stopped by itself for a fault check, not because it was trying to avoid a collision with any damaged carriages,” he added Say.

Referring to the federal government’s plans to close illegal routes to avoid further accidents, he was quoted as saying, “Honestly, I don’t have any information on these things, but I believe NRC management will eventually have to take steps to reduce illegal border crossings.” .”

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