NEWS A harrowing accident, a desperate call to action

A harrowing accident, a desperate call to action

A tragic accident occurred on the campus of Dhaka University on Friday when a private car driven by a former DU professor crashed into a motorcycle. The woman on the back seat of the motorcycle was seriously injured and later died in hospital. After the crash, which reportedly saw the woman stuck between the front and rear axles, the driver ignored the screams of shocked onlookers and continued driving for about 1.5 kilometers before stopping near the Nikhet area. This incident once again pushed the issue of campus road safety to the forefront.

First, the driver committed a heinous crime. Not only was he responsible for the crash in an area where speeding was prohibited, but he continued to drive afterward, possibly to get away with his crime. The same driver, who was once an assistant professor at DU, was dismissed due to the violation. We don’t think this man should be spared and must face the full onslaught of the law.

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Second, the administration and government must do a better job of making sure the DU campus area is safe for all. This is a busy area with hundreds of people visiting each day. To prevent students or ordinary citizens from facing such accidents, we need immediate action from the relevant authorities. Students have taken to the streets, sat in front of VC residences, and demanded a safer campus. Now is the time to meet that need.

Vehicle speeds on campus streets must be regulated and these regulations must be strictly enforced. Relatedly, checkpoints could be placed at various entrances to campuses to ensure that buses and trucks outside do not enter campus and endanger students, a long-standing request from students. Even if outside vehicles are allowed in, strict guidelines must be set for them. Finally, authorities must act proactively to ensure that these accidents do not recur in the future and that students and other pedestrians in the DU campus area can commute on campus without the threat of a motor vehicle accident.

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