NEWS 643 killed in road accidents in November

643 killed in road accidents in November

According to a report by the Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association, in November, 643 people were killed and 826 injured in 586 traffic accidents in the country.

Meanwhile, 51 people were killed and four injured in 64 accidents on railway tracks, the report added on Tuesday.

The report was signed by the organization’s secretary-general, Mozammel Haque Chowdhury.

According to reports, the maritime accident caused 15 deaths, 10 injuries and 7 missing.

In addition, there were 668 accidents on roads, railways and seas, killing 709 people and injuring 840 people.

About 60.58 percent of the total accidents occurred on regional roads, 27.47 percent on national roads and 4.95 percent on feeder roads, the report found.

Of these, 5.63% occurred in Dhaka and 0.17% occurred in Chittagong.

About 1.19 percent of accidents occurred in the railroad crossing area, the report said.

Among those killed were 284 drivers, 87 pedestrians, 85 women, 89 children, 50 transport workers, 74 students, 23 political party leaders, 15 law enforcement officers and two NSI members.

Of the vehicles involved in the accident, 30.47% were motorcycles, 25.37% were vans and vans covered by trucks-pickups, 11.81% were buses, 13.88% were electric rickshaws and improvised bicycles, 9.50% were Nachimans-Karimons, 6.72% Yes Car-Jeep-Van and 2.66% CNG Powered Auto Rickshaw.

Among them, 59.89% occurred in car crushing accidents, 17.57% occurred in head-on collision accidents, 11.26% occurred in ditch accidents where the driver lost control, 1.19% occurred in train-vehicle collision accidents, and 9.89% occurred in other accidents. cause of the accident. .

Dangerous overtaking, reckless speeding, substandard vehicles, lack of sidewalks or no sidewalks on roads, sudden deviation of vehicles at railway crossings and highways, increased number of small vehicles, lack of various national and regional highways, as observed by Bangladesh Passenger Welfare Association The increase in on-service lanes has led to an increase in the number of accidents in Bangladesh.

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