NEWS 582 accidents in range from Vasai to Talasari in 2022

582 accidents in range from Vasai to Talasari in 2022

Palghar: The road safety campaign started in the state on January 11 and this week is dealing with awareness of the same issue. Repairing black spots and potholes and erecting signage are some of the priorities. The section of Mumbai’s Ahmedabad Highway (NH 48) from Vasai to Thalasari Talukas in Pargarh district in the last quarter of last year claimed the lives of eight people, most notably the well-known industrial Cyrus Mistry, whose accident prompted the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to take some corrective measures, such as installing crash attenuators at three hot spots in the section.

The section from Vasai to Talasari has become a death trap as Palghar district has 582 accidents in 2022, 190 of which are on NH 48. The 10km span from Charoti in Dahanutalukka is also prone to accidents. Police are expected to take some corrective action in response to the issue.

Some of the main reasons are listed below:

lane discipline

Most heavy vehicles do not observe lane discipline, driving in the third lane to the far right of the driver, forcing vehicles to overtake on the wrong side. Many accidents occur when vehicles overtake from the leftmost lane and other vehicles at roadside facilities enter the road.


Cars and SUVs are driven above the regulated limit of 80 km/h and the NH 48 is designed for this situation. The number of signboards displaying speed limits is also low. Also, the mechanism for checking speed with cameras is rarely used, allowing the vehicle to travel at high speeds. The few safety panels placed are also inconspicuous.

illegal lane intersection

Many hotels create lane intersections by removing dividers, and accidents can happen without proper lane intersection markings. Such illegal border crossings were closed after the accident at Cyrus Mistry, but reopened a few weeks ago.

Overpasses and underpasses are not set up at important intersections

There are no overpasses and underpasses at important intersections with heavy traffic volume, and vehicles must cross the busy New Hampshire lanes to pass through these points, and accidents occur due to misjudgment.

rarely use seat belts

Passengers not wearing seat belts were one of the leading causes of death in three recent major accidents. A lack of awareness among travelers is the main reason for this oversight.

high speed cyclist

On weekends, 300 to 400 cyclists can be seen cruising at high speed using the NH 48 as their track.

Drive after drunk

Since the sale of alcohol is not allowed in Gujarat, most commuters to Gujarat prefer to drink in the Palgarh district itself and move on, which is another major reason.

less surveillance at night

NH 48 is less monitored at night, resulting in traffic violations.


During monsoons, roads are potholed and poorly maintained can lead to accidents.

lack of backup facilities

Insufficient emergency services by highway maintenance agencies in the event of accidents, helplines not being connected and delays in ambulance services also contributed to the loss of life.

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