NEWS 554 road deaths in November: Road Safety Foundation

554 road deaths in November: Road Safety Foundation

A report released today by the Road Safety Foundation (RSF) said that in November this year, 554 people were killed in 463 road accidents in the country.

The accident also injured 747 people.

RSF compiled the report based on data from nine national dailies, seven online news portals and electronic media.

Among those killed in traffic accidents in November were 78 women and 71 children, the report said.

There were 194 motorcycle accidents and 229 deaths, accounting for 41.33% of the total death toll.

According to the analysis of Reporters Without Borders, 41.46% of accidents occurred on national highways.

Of these accidents, 17.49% were due to head-on collisions and 44.49% were due to loss of vehicle control.

22.98% of accidents involved trucks, vans, pickups and police cars.

12.54% of the accidents involved passenger cars, and 3.30% of the accidents involved vans, cars and ambulances.

28.66% of the accidents involved motorcycles.

Tricycles accounted for 16.11%, and bicycles, rickshaws, and bicycles accounted for 3.56%.

A total of 757 vehicles were involved in the accident, including 125 trucks, 95 buses, 10 vans, 12 cars, 3 ambulances, 217 motorcycles, and 122 tricycles

The time analysis of RSF showed that 30.02% of accidents occurred in the morning.

Most of the accidents and fatalities occurred in Dhaka sub-district – 174 fatalities out of 142 accidents. As a single district, Chittagong had the highest number of accidents with 27, while Mymensingh district had the highest number of fatalities with 25.

Manikganj, Narail, Jhalkathi, Lalmonirhat and Rangamati districts had the fewest accidents. A total of 11 accidents occurred in these five areas, but no one was killed.

Thirteen people were killed and 22 injured in 18 accidents in the capital Dhaka.

According to reports, the leading causes of road accidents across the country in November included defective vehicles; drivers reckless speeding, inefficiency, physical and mental illness; reckless teenage motorcycle riding, and poor traffic management;

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