NEWS 554 killed in road accidents in November

554 killed in road accidents in November

At least 554 people were killed and 747 injured in 463 traffic accidents in Bangladesh in November, according to a monthly monitoring report released on Sunday.

The report released by the Road Safety Foundation also stated that motorcycles were involved in 194 road traffic accidents, accounting for 41.9% of the total number of road traffic accidents.

Of all victims, 229 or 41.33% died in motorcycle accidents, 123 or 22.2% were pedestrians, and 79 or 14.25% were transport workers – drivers and other support personnel.

In October, 482 people died in traffic accidents, an increase of 14.93% over November. In November, an average of 18.46 people died in traffic accidents every day.

The investigation found that 8 railway accidents caused 11 deaths and 4 injuries, and 3 waterway accidents caused 5 deaths, 7 injuries and 2 missing.

The report is based on news coverage of traffic accidents in nine national dailies, seven online news portals and TV channels.

Among the victims of road traffic accidents, 446 persons or 80.5% aged between 18 and 65 belonged to the working class.

The report also showed that of the total road fatalities in August, 71 were minors, 78 were students above university, 34 were businessmen, 28 were salespeople, 17 were NGO employees, 14 were teachers and 13 were locals. Political leaders and bank employees along with six police officers.

In addition to the victimized motorcyclists and pedestrians, the 93 victims included passengers and staff of different three-wheeled vehicles including mopeds, CNG motorized rickshaws and mishuks, and 34 were passengers and staff of trucks, pickups, tractors and carts Personnel, 31 were passengers and staff of locally manufactured vehicles (nasimon, karimon, alamshadhu and tomtom), 28 were bus passengers, 11 were bicycle, van and rickshaw passengers and riders, 5 were vans, cars, ambulance Cars and jeeps for passengers and staff.

The highest 44.49% of the accidents were due to loss of vehicle control, followed by 27.21% after hitting pedestrians, 17.49% due to frontal collisions, 8.2% due to hitting vehicles from behind, and 2.59% were caused by other reasons.

The report also said that 18 accidents occurred in the capital, resulting in 13 deaths and 22 injuries.

It added that law enforcement and political good will are necessary to check road conditions.

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