NEWS 5 accidents at Mahindra Scorpio N reaffirm 5-star safety rating

5 accidents at Mahindra Scorpio N reaffirm 5-star safety rating
  • The Mahindra Scorpio N has been our most popular SUV in the market since its launch.
  • Reported crashes of the SUV highlight its rugged build and the safety it offers occupants

The Mahindra Scorpio N garnered attention as the first ladder-frame SUV to achieve a full 5-star rating on Global NCAP. While the test results highlight the strong safety net the SUV offers, here are as many as five cases that reaffirm the full 5-star safety rating. The latest Mahindra Scorpio is more premium and luxurious than its predecessor. The real-life events seen below go on to illustrate why SUVs get perfect marks. Here are the details –

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5 Mahindra Scorpio N road accident

The first video was reported from West Bengal on Prateek Singh’s YouTube channel. Scorpio hit Swift Dzire from behind at the traffic lights. Despite the modest speed, the sedan suffered extensive damage to the rear and sides. On the other hand, the Scorpio N faces only a few dents.

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The second video was posted by Nikhil Rana, who regularly posts this type of content to raise awareness among Indian buyers about the importance of car safety ratings. In this case, Scorpio N can be seen being hit by a bus on the rear passenger door. Although the door has deformed, it stops impacts from entering the cabin, which is respectable. The bumper of the bus was damaged due to the impact.

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Pillars absorb shock in horrific side impact

Nikhil Rana also reported on the next video. According to reports from Vellore, Tamil Nadu. The accident looked horrific as the SUV was completely destroyed. Still, the jambs did a good job of absorbing the impact and didn’t let the damage get into the cabin. This represents strong build quality. Note that all of these accidents happened before the Scorpio N was even launched. What do you think of the build quality of this SUV?

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Continuing with this particular case of Andheri West, Mumbai, the Scorpio N overturned at high speed as 4 passengers were on it during the night. According to the information in the video, the SUV was driving at high speed and the driver lost control. The SUV flipped over and landed on the other side of the road. The front, side panels, roof and rearview mirrors were all damaged, but no one was seriously injured in the crash.

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In this last case, a brand new Scorpio N was involved in a crash just after delivery. It is reported that the SUV has been driving at a low speed after delivery. However, for unknown reasons, an accident happened, and Scorpio hit another car on the road. As a result, the SUV suffered minor damage to the hood and rear bumper. But due to the solid build quality, only minor damage. All of these accidents are a testament to what a rugged SUV it is.

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