NEWS 48 road deaths in Srinagar city by 2022

48 road deaths in Srinagar city by 2022

Authorities said on Wednesday they had identified some accident-recurring black spots in Srinagar and would work to ensure the number of accidents in the capital decreased this summer.

According to the news agency, the Kashmir News Observer (KNO) in conversation with media person and City Traffic Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muzaffar Ahmad Shah said that in the accident in Srinagar last year, Some 48 people were killed, and a study that will soon culminate has found that most accidents occurred on bypass roads.

“We have identified some black spots such as Shalteng-Parimpira and Pantha Chowk stretch where most of the 48 people have lost their lives in 2022. Once the study is concluded, we will submit a report to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar in which Recommendations will be made on black spots,” he said.

He further stated that work such as law enforcement will be done to reduce the number of accidents, but in fact only people can drive safely and cooperate in following the rules to reduce accidents.

“A lot of accidents in Srinagar happen with two-wheelers and this may be due to overconfidence in driving skills and other related factors. Safe driving is essential to reduce the number of accidents,” he said, adding that there are no services along the detour Driveways etc., but those will be fixed soon.

He said there were several reasons behind road accidents, including faulty road design, speeding, etc., but work would be done on this. “We will do our best to reduce the number of accidents this year.”

He also said action would also be taken against people caught drinking and driving.

“Last year we lost about 48 people in Srinagar; most of them died on the detour. If we look at the data in June and July when schools were closed, the most accidents were children who lost their lives We will take corresponding measures to reduce the number of accidents to prevent casualties,” he said – (KNO)

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