NEWS 2023 NFL Pro Bowl: Dodgeball, Precision Pass, Tac Toe Eight Skills Competition Announced

2023 NFL Pro Bowl: Dodgeball, Precision Pass, Tac Toe Eight Skills Competition Announced

The NFL’s revamped Pro Bowl will feature eight skill games over two days in Las Vegas the week before Super Bowl LVII. Skills games will accumulate points ahead of Sunday’s flag football game. Peyton Manning will coach the AFC team and Eli Manning will lead the NFC team.

The first four skills competitions will be held on Thursday, February 2nd from 7-8:30pm ET. The Final Four and Flag Football will be played on Sunday, February 5th from 3-6pm ET.

The following is the order in which the eight skill competitions will be held.

Thursday February 2

  • Epic Dodgeball: It will feature four teams of five players each, starting with both conferences’ offense and defense and ending with an NFC vs. AFC matchup to determine which conference gets the three points.
  • Lightning Round: This will feature 16 players competing in a three-part challenge: tossing a water polo, catching a ball from a JUGS machine, and “Spillover Thrills,” where the remaining players from each session will throw the opposing team’s coach at a target suspended from a barrel overhead . The first team to dump the bucket on the opposing coach wins three points.
  • longest drive: Four players from each conference will compete in a hitting competition to see who can hit the golf ball the furthest. The player with the longest tee will earn three points for his conference.
  • Accurate passing: This will include all three quarterbacks from each conference participating in a one-minute accuracy contest. The top scorer will earn three points for their conference.
  • Best harvest: This will have two players from each conference. Fans will vote on the player’s favorite catch in each conference. The contestants with the highest number of votes will advance to Sunday’s final.

Sunday, February 5

  • Best harvest: The competition between the top vote-getters continues between each session. The referee will decide which catcher wins.
  • Grill Gauntlets: It’s a side-by-side relay race with six runners in each session. The relay will include split walls, tire tracks, block sleds and carrying coaches across the finish line.
  • Kicking Tactical Toes: This will feature each team’s kicker, kicker and flute player demonstrating their skills. The first team to complete a connecting line of three squares or hit a total of five squares wins and gets three points for their meeting.
  • Move the chain: This will feature four teams (two from each conference) competing side-by-side in a weighted wall pull. Each team is tasked with pulling a wall (loaded with weight) 10 yards as fast as possible while using the lead chain. The winner will receive three points.

Scores from the skills game and the first two flag football games will be added to determine the Pro Bowl Athletic Champion at the start of the third and final flag football game.

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