NEWS 🌱 Discussed interchange location + BCSO accident + car accident victim IDd

🌱 Discussed interchange location + BCSO accident + car accident victim IDd

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday in Cartersville, and I’m back in your inbox to keep you updated on all the biggest happenings happening in town. Because community information is power! Today, you’ll find news on these stories and more:

  • The location of the proposed I-75 interchange was discussed.
  • The BCSO vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Bartow County Library Events.

But first, today’s weather:

The weather turns warmer during the rainy season. High: 63 Low: 58.

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Here are the top three news from Cartersville today:

  1. location is under discussion for the proposed New I-75 Interchange: At a meeting on December 1, several locations Careful consideration was given to the proposed new North Bartol I-75 interchange. Pat Smeeton, director of transportation planning at TranSystems Corp., said the proposed interchange must tied into existing public roads. Ed Culican, Vice President of Mott MacDonald said 10 to 15 year time frame Because how quickly construction can start seems realistic. (Subscription: Daily Forum News)
  2. A BCSO vehicle was involved two car accident: Thursday, December 1, a notable Bartow County sheriff’s office cruiser Responding to a service call.Patrol car on southbound Highway 41 Being hit The rear of a vehicle driven by a citizen who is not using the turn signal.Georgia State Patrol officials say crash was still under investigationbut can’t say if there is Injuried or if TOLL be archived. (
  3. two cartersville guys Man killed in Cherokee County car crash Sure: Two Cartersville men die in a battle over Thanksgiving break bicycle collision in Cherokee County. According to the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a single-vehicle incident on Wednesday, November 24th. james smith was announced died instantly and herman smith later died from his injury.accident still under investigation. (

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Today in Cartersville:

  • Fabulous Fins – Savoy Motor Museum (10:00 am)
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver Support Group – Tiger Lily Estates (5:30pm)
  • Adult Dungeons & Dragons – Cartersville Library (6:00pm)

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Now you’re informed and ready to head out this Tuesday. see you tomorrow!

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